Holiday photos

I found a walgreens photo coupon for Walgreen’s at 50% off photo books, cards, prints and a lot more. I am going to use mine to make holiday Christmas cards to send to my family. I also have a couple of other projects that I want to use Walgreen’s photo for. The photo books I am making for family gifts of the children, I am going to give to their grandparents. All grandparents love photo’s of the grandchildren and my parents are no exception. Photos are easy to do at Walgreen’s with the new technology they have. I can put my card from my camera right into the monitor and select only the pictures I want to use, without having to have extras to store and take up space in my house.

The walgreens photo code I found for this project will help my costs stay to a manageable level, making it easier to save money for other Christmas gifts. Walgreen’s does the best photo’s of all the photo shops out there. Looking for promotional coupons is something I do all the time, because saving money is important when you are raising kids. It helps me to be able to buy more of the extras we all want to give our children.

I go to Walgreens for a lot of stuff. Their deals on Holiday decorations, costumes, etc are always worth the trip there. We even get out prescriptions there too. I am going to make sure that I share this discount with all of my friends and family, so everyone can take advantage of this promotion this holiday season. I encourage everyone to do so as well. You will be surprised at just how many different projects you can do with Walgreen’s photo shop. So give it a try and see what you can create for your family too.

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