It sure seems the drought is over, last year we were so dry at this time of year, this year everything is very green and the lakes are full. We just need to keep getting some rain the rest of the year to stay on top of the rainfall totals for the year. I know they are having terrible fires in the west, with enough rain we can keep the south from burning up like it has done in the past. Fire, flood, earthquake and twisters this has been a very busy disaster year and I hope we can avoid major hurricanes this year.

Summer storms

I have always had a healthy respect for summer storms, ever since when I was a little girl we were whisked away to my grand parents storm cellar to ride out a twister. Ever since I have been fascinated by weather to the point of obsessing during storm warnings. The safety of family and pets is very important to me and I would never live in a house with out a basement for this reason. So we are remodeling our basement with a storm shelter stocked with food and water to ride out storms, I hope we never have to use it.

Rising prices

With the price of oil going through the roof, the price of goods we buy are rising too. The prices at the store have risen across the board, making it even harder to feed my family. The price of gasoline has risen to the point that we put off trips until we can do several at one time. Soon it will be hard to even use the car to get to work, it costs me $35 a day just to get back and forth to work, I may have to find a job closer to home or find a way to work from home if the price of gasoline does not drop soon.

Spring cleaning

It seems that every spring I have so much junk that has accumulated up over the past year that it takes me a couple of days to sort through it and get it to the curb to be hauled off. I do not know how it mounts up so fast or for that fact where it comes from, I am not a pack rat, I do not think so any way. The kids are gone so it is me and Walter making this mess each year, I am going to blame Walter he is old and grumpy anyway so he will not mind. Well this rant is done so back to throwing away Walter’s junk. Where did he get three over sized hula skirts anyway?