A death in the family is never a good thing, but if it is an elderly person and it brings the family together from far and wide, sometimes that part is good. My great uncle died a couple of days ago and the funeral is today. He was in his nineties and more than ready to go. I know this because I talked to him about it last time we saw each other. He was happy knowing that when he passed the family would all be gathered together. It gladdens my heart knowing that he will be happy watching us all together.

Found them

I just found the Shell packs my son wants. He is going to be so happy. He has been asking for a drum set forever and all of the ones we saw, just weren’t right. After talking to his band teacher at school, he gave me a really good site to look on and there they were. Just what we need and the price is just right. I can’t wait to show my son.

The county fair

The county fair is this week and I know that the kids are really wanting to go. It is a relatively small fair in comparison to some, but we really like it and it doesn’t tax your wallet too much.

There are plenty of ride to keep the kids happy and the animal shows are really great. Don’t forget the awesome food that they always have as well. If you are in our area, you should go and check it out. We will see you there!

A helping hand

I have been trying to find neck pillow specials so I can buy one for my cousin. He had and accident and got really bad whiplash from it. If I can find one that is good for his needs at a good price, I am going to buy it and take it over to him. I know that he really needs one badly.

Summer went quick

Fall is almost here and you can tell by the temperature. While there are still many hot days, the nights are rapidly cooling and it won’t be long before sweater weather has arrived. I have already see some of the leaves start to fall off of the trees. Seems like it has started a little earlier this year. Hopefully it doesn’t get real cold too quick. I would like to enjoy a lengthy fall. I like it when we can turn off the A/C and not have to turn the heat on yet. Perfect weather for open windows is always my favorite. Not too hot and not too cold.

Love it

I was just scouring the ads for Wilmington NC Real Estate. They have some amazing homes for sale there. I just love the south and the coastal areas especially. Looking at the homes is one of my joys. Just a little something to dream a little dream from time to time. We love to vacation on the beaches of the south each year. The warm water and breezes softly wafting your hair are so relaxing. They are hands down the best places to vacation ever and one day I want to move to the beach. I know that it probably won’t be for a while, but I will keep looking just because I can.

Tomorrows the big day

Well the kids go back to school tomorrow and the house is going to be very quiet during the day. On one hand I am looking forward to the peace and quiet during the day, but I am sorry that summer is over.

The back to school grind is going to be a little hard at first. The kids won’t want to get up after the first day and it will be a struggle, but they will get over it soon enough.


New chainsaw

Well we decided to buy a new chainsaw. The old one we had finally just gave up on us and wasn’t worth fixing. The cost of fixing it was about what it cost for a new one that is under warranty. Since we started a side business doing tree work, having a good running chainsaw is important. We actually will need more than one, so later on we will probably buy another one, but for now this one will do.

I anticipate that we will have a lot of work coming up as the winter season gets closer. This is the time when people prune back their trees before they get inundated with ice and snow. We know what that is like as we had a problem a few years ago with a really ice storm that broke a lot of branches on our trees. We don’t want them falling on the house or cars, or worse people, so it is always best to trim them back. If you know of anyone who needs their trees done, let me know. We are going to use the money from this for Christmas so we won’t get behind on bills paying for presents.


The specialist

We watched the specialist today. It’s an old movie but totally classic. I love how Sharon Stone and Sylvester Stallone interact with each other. Sometimes I really miss the good ole days. If you have never seen this movie, then you should really find it and watch it. I loved it.

Yummy yummy

My friend just popped by on her way home from work and brought me some goodies from her job. She works at Buffalo Wild Wings and I just love there food and she knows it. Lemon pepper wings, onion rings and potato wedges. So fattening, but soooo good. I am in heaven. =)