Online Music Buying Guides

If I have any options to review a product and/or service, you can bet that I will be utilizing every type(s) that I can get my hands on. It’s a whole new world out there. It’s amazing to think that we managed to live our lives without computers. At some point in the late 80’s we have become more and more reliant on what used to be referred to as the World Wide Web. I mean when is the last time you have even heard the words World Wide Web?

With all that the Internet has to offer almost all of us in the 21st century, it still surprises me that there are still some of our senior citizens who are bucking, kicking and screaming all the way to any computer who just can’t wrap their heads around even some of the most basic functions, even explaining all that they are missing by not using e-mail can’t entice some people to get on board.

My grandmother was a bit slow at getting used to the whole computer concept, but it didn’t take long once she starting realizing how useful it can be. One of the advantage that came into play during the holiday gift buying season. She actually took her time and checked out different acoustic guitars that she found at one of the major music websites that have just about anything that is musically related. It seems that a friend and neighbor told her about Musician’s Friend, which Grandma felt safe enough to go online, find a particular buying guide and actually ordered a wonderful guitar at a great price. Free shipping is always a plus when ordering anything online.

Hosting via the web

Hosting your own website can be a challenge if you have never done it before or have a lack of computer knowledge.  Personally, I am not a computer guru so when I decided to jump into the world of technology I decided I better get some help.

Recently, I have been taking some classes on horticulture and wanted to be able to share this information with others.  I absolutely love gardening and constantly yearn for new knowledge about plants.  One area that fascinates me is new species of plants.  I envy the horticulturists out there that are able to create and breed new plants.  One new species I currently am researching is what the article called bleeding tooth fungus.  The plant is very cool looking.  The plant is pink in color like the gums on a human and drips blood- colored liquid.  I am not sure if this plant is toxic but I imagine it must be.  The more brightly colored plants are the more poisonous they usually are.

My new website will be produced by a web hosting company.  They have been very helpful and have given me the confidence ot continue my goal of spreading horticultural news to the world.




Here is a good site for moms only. It is a dedicated social network for moms to get together and discuss any and all topics. There are many different kinds of groups that you can join, from political to health or just plain fun, Cafemom has everything. I totally recommend that all moms try this site. I know that you will love it.

New Diet Plan

Over the years I have been on many diets, some have worked and some have not worked at all. I have started doing a lot more research on diet plans and getting reviews on them. I found a great site with diet reviews and a whole lot of very useful information on it, The Apidexin review site has all of the diet plans I have ever seen reviewed on it and what I really like they give you the pluses and the minuses of each diet plan.

I know that I can find a diet plan that will work for me over the long haul, not just a plan that helps you lose weight, then you gain it right back in just a few months. It is time to hit the beach and I want to be ready in my yellow polka dot bikini and I will need some help from a working diet plan to make this deal work.

This web site has so much very useful information I think that anyone who wants to lose some weight, safely and properly should use the web site for the Apidexin review, to find their perfect diet plan, just like I have this summer.

Communicate Gap

It would have been a lot easier for me to understand what exactly it is that my niece Alice is wanting for her birthday if the email had said “a mouth piece for her saxophone”, instead of “a Vandoren Optimum Series Saxophone Ligature” which are the exact words that my sister wrote. I had asked her what her daughter Alice would want and appreciate for her 13th birthday that is coming up in the middle of July. Thirteen is a very hard age to buy for girls or boys.

There is such a big difference between the way that my sister and I communicate with the world. I am a whole lot more kicked back and straight forward, while she has a much larger vocabulary and has a blog that she has been working on since forever. Just by looking at her blog and then mine you wouldn’t even believe that we are related, much less know each other.

Anyway, back to the vandoren optimum sax. I found one online at the website. Now is a great time to get deals. Memorial Day is a heck of a holiday for consumers so I might as well jump on the bandwagon and save some hard earned $$$ as well.

Dating Happens For Free

Can’t believe Wendy met so many great guys on our ski trip and I came up empty. Although that lawyer from LA was really nice, he was very very married and I’m not going there!

While I’ve got clothes in the dryer, I thought I would surf the net for the online dating sites. Then I ran across a site that reviews all the popular ones and gives you the basic info so you can zero in on the right site to meet your own needs or interest. Each one has a different approach to the methods and the processes to find the right special someone.

I thought about reading through some profiles or ads on a personal ad services site tonight – just to see if anyone looked worth contacting and maybe getting to know a little better. Not all of these dating sites let you do that.

I ended up choosing. I like that it is free, with no charges to send and/or to receive any messages sent. Being able to post Up to 30 photos on your profile page is a great plus as well. We’ll see how that works out! And I’ll keep you posted from time to time.

Good Morning

Good morning peoples. Coffee was ready, the kids and my man are off to school and work, so I can start work early and get so much more done.

My new Keurig Coffee Machine has become my newest BFF! I can’t believe how quick and easy it has become to get a nice hot cup of coffee in approximately 3 minutes. Just look at how many flavors there are and I’m sure that there a plenty that aren’t pictured here. It seems that there are new and exciting flavors arriving each week at the stores that I go shopping at!

I am in the best of moods today. I have only some computer work and one load of laundry to do today. I scoured the house yesterday, and believe it or not, it is still clean. Hooray for me! Now on ward’s and upward today. Have an awesome day people, because I know I will.

Bless My Online Friends

This morning I was just reflecting on how much my life has changed over the past 10 years or so. I have embraced computers and the Internet, part of it because of my job and part because I consider it entertainment.

I joined Facebook a couple of years ago and have made many new friends. I look forward to logging in and catching up with my friends. We have a lot of fun together and life wouldn’t be the same without them.

I Love Me

Once in a great while I will see something on Face Book that really strikes me enough to take the time to comment on as well as saving the image onto my hard drive in order to post it here on my personal blog.

A good friend of mine from our high school days posted this today and it really hit home. I just couldn’t resist posting it here today. It deserves it, she deserves it and last but not least I deserve it!


Well work seems to be drying up everywhere. Everyone I know are either laid off or about to be laid off. This is just rediculous. My online work has dried up almost completely. I only get a few jobs per week now and it is very difficult to make ends meet. If this continues, I will have to break into the kids college funds to pay the bills and that is something I definitely do not want to do. My rainy day, Christmas and emergency funds are almost depleted and we are only in the third month of the year. I am pretty good at managing money, but I am finding it difficult to do so, when there is so little money coming in. I shudder to think about what the rest of the year will be like if we don’t get some kind of reprieve soon. *sigh*