New Gum

Has anyone tried that new Stride gum?  I bought a pack of it a few days ago.  The package says it is a mystery flavor.  I was curious so I had to try it for myself.

After I tried the first piece I was pleasantly surprised.  It tasted pretty good.  It is a fruity flavor verses a minty one.  I will have to try another piece before I reach a conclusion on what fruit it might be representing.


This year I don’t have to guess what to purchase to give to my dad on Father’s Day. I have already found a great website with an awesome selection of Heat Guns, Soldering Irons and Hot Knives to pick from to order for him. Now I just have to decide on which one to actually purchase. Father’s Day is only a few short weeks away so I better hurry up and pick one. I’m sure he would love any of them.

Hot Knife Cutters and Heat Guns

Animal Voiceovers

I couldn’t stop laughing at this. I have always loved watching nature videos but when you add a human context to them it makes it ten times more enjoyable! I guarantee that anyone watching this will laugh at some point. If they don’t then they must not have any sense of humor. The large white birds laughing are my absolute favorite!

Wedding Decorations

There are so many different wedding decorations that it boggles the mind. It’s no wonder that women go nuts right before the wedding. After spending months trying to figure out what you want, placing all of the orders, setting it all up, the stress is tremendous. Add the excitement of starting a new life and wow! Instant insanity!

I feel sorry for those women who don’t actually do the planning themselves. The do miss out on a lot of fun that can be had with their friends. It’s like and integral part of getting married, sharing that time with your closest friends. At least people are still picking out their engagement and wedding ring on their own!

Durham Air Conditioning

The days that I could call my kid brother for my heating and/or air conditioning issues are unfortunately long gone. He discovered that he has a real talent with computers and he hasn’t had anything to do with anything else since.

So on the down side I have to locate and hire my own Durham air conditioning service when I need help. On the other hand I can always count on him to help me with my computers!

Women in the movies

Tonight’s evening news revealed a surprising study with regards to women in the movies. The study overall showed that women still  have very few speaking parts compared to men. Men account for 67% of speaking parts according to this study. Women have very little leading roles.

The study accounts this data to the majority of film directors still being of the male gender. Naturally, these men lean more toward hiring male actors than female actors. I am kind of appalled but at the same time not fully surprised. It is very sad also that women who purchase more movie tickets in a year then men, according to the same study, view these movies and basically are subjected to their own equality.

That study also found that women are pealing off their clothes 1/3 more than their male counterparts. Again, it is women who are viewing these movies more than men. Something is wrong with this picture. Maybe in another 100 years women will finally have the upper hand or should I say lead?