Camped On The Couch

Oh this is on my last nerve. I allowed my twenty one year old nephew come and stay with me, because he lost the house he was sharing with friends. He sleeps all day and stays up all night and doesn’t even offer to help with anything.

I cannot ever imagine staying with someone and not offering to help clean up when they are helping me by giving me a place to stay and food to eat. I am ready to just boot him out, but he is my nephew and I feel bad for him. Grrrr

Merry Christmas

This time of year is very special to me and my family. We have a lot of fun with the tree and decorations on the tree and the house. This year we plan on staying home to celebrate the holiday.

I will miss seeing my family and friends but with the way the economy is we just think it would be better to stay at home this year, we will still have a lot of fun and maybe next year we can do some traveling next year.

Love and Marriage

Last night the news had an interesting segment about love and marriage in terms of the percentage of baby boomers who are now happily divorced.  The statistics did surprise me slightly.

The news report stated that 39% of people believe in not getting married.  The average age of men getting married currently is 28, while females average is 26.  Nearly 51% of marriages will end in divorce.  That is why most couples currently are waiting at least four years before walking down the aisle.

I was surprised most by the percentage of people not believing in marriage.  This must have multiple reasons behind it.  Like I mentioned earlier baby boomers, the oldest this year turning 65, most have already been married have decided that now all they want in a relationship is more of a friendship with no strings attached.  they are discovering that they are much happier not getting remarried.  In a way this is a shame.  Marriage traditionally was meant to be a good thing but unfortunately, with the state of the economy among other factors, marriage has transformed into another hassle/ complication that people are realizing they do not need in their lives.


I love my pets, and have a house full of them, but let’s face it, sometimes I want my space and I want them in their space. Luckily I went online, as usual, and found an extra wide pet gate. This will fit nicely in the opening to my kitchen. They also have a regular size pet gate. This will fit nicely in other areas. The pets aren’t so happy about being separated, but I value a little time without getting loved to death. The reunions, even though our separations have been temporary, are always happy.

I wasn’t shopping for one, but while looking at that website, I also found a pre-charged water tank. I’ve been looking for one in my local home improvement stores. Online shopping can be so easy, and I have my packages delivered to my office.

Having a home can be a lot of work, and I have spent many weekends planning or completing home projects. I am looking forward to warm weather as many of my home projects are outside. As I am approaching the first year anniversary of purchasing my beloved home, I am actually quite excited about this upcoming Spring and Summer. Almost like a small child on Christmas Eve, I find myself counting the weeks until Spring arrives, and searching the internet for topics like “when can I plant tomatoes in Virginia?”

Chilly for Chili

This weekend is supposed to be very chilly.  After receiving buckets of snow and rain all in the same day we are now going to freeze and so is the fallen precipitation.  Nothing goes better on cold day than a piping bowl of chili.

I was surfing the Internet for a new recipe for chili because I do not think that I want to use my old standby.  I came across multiple recipes for chicken chili.  I have never had chicken chili but it sounds delicious!  Many of these recipes call for corn in it which makes it even more hearty and yummy.  Currently, I am undecided on whether I am going to use water, chicken broth or cream of chicken soup as a base.  I really think water will be too bland and cream of chicken soup too creamy therefore I guess my only option will be the chicken broth.

The best part of both recipes is that the whole thing goes into my crock pot.  I love my crock pot.  Have to throw all the ingredients in and leave it for the day!

slow cooker
Chile In A Crock Pot

Free Shipping

Knowing that there is Free Shipping being offered can make or break my decision on whether or not to actually purchase something online. I have done must of my Christmas shopping on the computer this year and I have not paid a dime for shipping and/or handling.

I work hard for my money and I just can’t afford to throw my money around, especially since this year money has been tighter than usual. I am working as many part time jobs as possible. I seem to be always running somewhere to do something for somebody and it isn’t paying enough for what I need to have.