Aunt Evelyn’s Corn Fritters

My Aunt Evelyn is a wonderful cook. She is very “old school” about cooking. She does everything from scratch, almost never uses a microwave oven, and has most of her recipes stored in her head.

The last time we ate dinner at her house, she served the most delicious corn fritters. I asked her for the recipe and she said that she doesn’t have one. She just mixes stuff up in the bowl “until it looks right” and then drops big spoonfuls into her cast iron frying pan with hot bacon grease. Now, that’s good country cooking! But I sure do wish she had a recipe for the corn fritters – they are delish!


About the only wildlife I see in the yards of my neighborhood are lots of songbirds and a lot of squirrels. I know there must be rabbits, but I rarely see any. I suspect the rabbits just know my dogs would give them chase and they stay clear of my yard. Or perhaps they wait until we have all retired for the night and they come out in the moonlight. It would nice to see one every now and then – I think rabbits are cool little creatures.

Free eCards

A friend of mine in San Francisco is involved with this green company. Her name is Camilla Eriksson. She is a talented illustrator and graphic designer.

When you send the eCards for special occasions like birthdays, sponsors make donations to different nonprofit organizations. Its worth checking out and helping people if you like what you see.

Mac and Cheese

Do you have a favorite mac and cheese? My mom makes the best, and I’ve never tasted any as good as her, (Love you, MOM!)

But if I had to buy mac and cheese at the store, I would get the Stouffers brand frozen mac and cheese. It is delicious and it cooks up quickly. Very affordable and always ready in just a few minutes if you keep some in your freezer.