When is summer going to get here? We have had a very cool and very wet July, after a wet spring we are way over the amount of rain we get at this point in the season. I believe that I heard almost 4 inches above the normal rainfall for the year so far. I know that we will pay for this bounty this fall and I am not looking forward to that at all. I fear we will have a very wet and cold fall and winter and that is not to my liking at all. I hope that it is a warm and wet fall and winter. That would be more to my taste.


It has taken a while but the stock market looks like it might be headed in the right direction finally. My 401K is still a 301K but that is better than the 201K I had a couple of months ago. I was told several years ago not to watch your 401K everyday because it will drive you crazy and I have taken that advise, kind of. When it was dropping like a condor holding a rock I checked more than I should of and it did make me a little nuts. Now that it is going back up I still try not to check it every day and I think that helps me keep calm.


When we get a summer thunderstorm my little dog Diva has a very hard time with the thunder part of the storm. She runs and hides downstairs or under the bed which ever one is easiest for her to get to. I know a lot of people who feel the same way about thunder and lightning, is it the most feared thing in nature next to spiders? Well we had a very bad storm last night and Diva has not reappeared after the thunder was over I may have to go look for her very soon. I know she will be glad that the storm is over.


With my annual check up due this week I will find out if I have done my part to reduce cholesterol, this has been my goal for over a year now to get my cholesterol back into the right range. I have been working at it, watching what I eat and having a bowl of oatmeal every morning to help in my quest. I have been checking out the web site for Reduce Bad Cholesterol, it has a lot of very useful information on it and I love the articles they have on this very nice medical web site.

Reduce Bad Cholesterol has so much information that I had to read all the information a second time to make sure I got it all. I do not consider myself to be a medical professional but I know a lot from many trips to the doctor over the years and I worked as an EMT many years ago, and what I learned in the field and in the Emergency Room have given me a leg up on bad cholesterol and I plan to make sure that I beat this killer before it gets its hooks into my heart. Eating right and going to the doctor when I am supposed to are the ammunition I am using against bad cholesterol, I hope this is enough in this important battle, because my life is on the line.

Truck repairs

Today as I pulled into my parking spot I was told that I had no brake lights on the Tahoe. It never fails as soon as I get one thing fixed something else goes out, I got the brakes repaired a couple of weeks ago and they are grabbing and will need to be checked again very soon. Add in the brake lights and a few other odds and ends and the repair bill will be a couple of hundred dollars again. I keep putting money in our vehicles and get nothing in return.

Wet fireworks

Last night just as they were getting ready to fire off the Fourth of July fireworks a major storm swept through this area. A couple of tornado’s were spotted near Clarksville and we got a huge lightning display, it looked like Mother Nature had her own fireworks this year. I remember as a kid it seemed to rain every year on the Fourth of July and I guess I just got used to the idea of rain on Independence Day. Lets hope the rest of the weekend is clear of any more major storms this year.