Fun in the Snow

We had enough snow for our grandson to actually sled down the hill in the backyard. We had to get creative about what we had on hand that could be pressed into service as a sled. We don’t have enough snow most years to bother with buying a proper sled. It would just be taking up a lot of room in the garage. But there are other things that can be pressed into use when we do have some snow. Last time my daughter used a plastic laundry basket while at a friend’s house. But would you believe we don’t have laundry baskets like that? We use a hamper.

After looking around the garage and the laundry room, we decided to look for an old box or large sheet of cardboard. Ended up that a boxtop worked pretty well. He got tired of it after about 20 minutes and complained about being cold, so that was the end of our short snow day with fun in the snow.


Now that both of my teams are out of the playoffs, the Titans never even made it to the playoffs and the Cardnials lost this wekend I am now onboard the Brett farve bandwagon and I hope to see a Vikings and Jets Super Bowl this year. My good friend Dale is sending me a Vikings hat to wear and I will be large and loud in my support of the Minnesota Vikings.