Got My Girl Scout Cookies Today

What a great surprise to come home and find my order of Girl Scout cookies were waiting on my porch. The girls and their mom must have spent all afternoon driving around town and delivering their cookie orders.

My favorite is the Samoas – they have chocolate and caramel and coconut. I try to only eat two each day, but they are very tempting. If I didn’t have any willpower I could easily eat the entire box in one night!


While I was out in my future flower garden today I saw a hummingbird on my butterfly bush.  I could tell it was a female due to the nonexistent red throat.  She was amazing though.  I couldn’t help but wonder if she had some little baby hummingbirds waiting for her back at the nest.

Have you ever seen any pictures of hummingbird nests?  They are so tiny.  I personally haven’t seen one up close but I have seen multiple in nature periodicals.  Not only are the nests impressive but their eggs are nearly microscopic in size.  Again, really impressive.  These birds are miraculous and a jewel of nature.

Birds Talking Smack

I do not know why I think this is so funny, but it makes me laugh. I guess because there are always people who want to call other people names.

Sometimes I get into a spirited discussion – well, sometimes it is a full blown argument, I admit – and when someone starts calling names, that person who is calling names is the loser of that discussion.

Time To Remove The Tree

Today, I finally took down my Christmas tree. I figured three weeks after Christmas was just about the right time.  It always seems to me that the holiday decorations go up more quickly then taking them down.  And every year  the task of taking down these decorations appears more daunting of a task.

Perhaps next year I will put up less decorations to make it easier come the month of January.  However, with this being said I probably will not take my own advice and will have my place looking like Santa’s Village once again next December.