Almost Spring

It was cloudy when I woke up this morning, but the sun has come out and it’s a beautiful day. Cannot believe Spring is next week! Going into March, I wondered if we would finally have any big snow storms, but it looks like we dodged the bullet this Winter. All in all, it was one of the mildest Winters I remember. I was prepared, I purchased an electric snow blower during the bad storms two years ago. Luckily, it never left the closet. Trees and shrubs are turning green, flowering trees are blooming beautiful and the birds have been singing loudly every morning. Spring and Fall are my two favorite seasons so I am excited it’s finally here.

Travel to the UK

I hope someday to travel. I know that part of me is Scottish, I hope to unlock the whole puzzle of my ancestry before I die. I would love to visit the UK so I’ve been doing a little internet searching. Seems a lot of people live in apartments and they call them Flats there. That’s cute, almost as cute as their accents. I guess they would think I am the one with an accent. Anyway, my searches have lead me to Flats to rent in Glasgow, , Flats to rent in Edinburgh and Flats to rent in Aberdeen.

Although it’s been great fun looking at the photos of the homes, I have a lot more research to do as far as where I’d like to stay, whats nearby, etc. Also I am hoping more genealogy research will give me a better idea of where I’d like to travel and stay.

My particular genealogy is a bit of a huge puzzle as I hardly knew my father and know nothing about his family. Not for lack of trying on my part. I’ve actually connected recently with his youngest sister on facebook and hope (pray) she will unlock some family secrets.

This was interesting

Was tilling my garden and found some Indian money. The kids are so happy about it, they plan on taking it to school to show their classes. Archaeology in the back yard is awesome. We also found a whole bunch of quartz and smooth rocks that are not indigenous to this area. We are taking them to the local science dept at the university to see just what they are. The university has a really nice staff that is only too helpful and happy to answer the children’s questions.

Perfectly Honest

Guest written by our friend Katie Callahan

To be perfectly honest I never saw much of a need for wireless internet at our house. I thought it was a waste of money and anything I needed to do on the computer I could just do at my desk like any other self respecting person did but you know what? Ever since my daughter got us Clear when we moved to the new house I’m like a new woman. I’ve got the laptop in the kitchen where I pull up recipes and I take it out to the garden to catch up on my favorite blogs and I spend a lot of time with it in the bedroom where I finish work at night before I go to bed – it’s made me much more mobile and flexible. I can’t believe I waited this long to get with it, as my daughter would say, but she’s always the one who’s pushed me to be better than I was before so I’m not surprised she’s the one to turn me on to wireless.

Vacation Planning

I am planning a week vacation in Williamsburg, Va during the summer. I have a time share — long story –purchased years ago with a previous husband so that we had no reason not to vacation. It’s a lovely place, a five star resort and I’ve never had a bad experience there. Most people I’ve taken, wanted to live there! It’s about an hour away from Virginia Beach so I hope to spend a night in a hotel on the beach. Been awhile since I’ve had a vacation, and sadly too long since I’ve made fun plans so this is big news. Of course there is much to do in Historic Williamsburg, I love the town and the history. I have wanted to go on a Ghost Walk there, hope to get that done this trip. During the summer months an outdoor pool is open as well as the indoor pool There is a hot tub, and some rooms have saunas. Sounds super relaxing right about now, and just what I need.