The bills

Even as I try to keep my bills down to a manageable level they keep going up and up again. We have done away with our house phone, just using our cell phones now. I have done away with the premium channels on the cable, just basic cable is all we have now. We had insurance on a couple of vehicles that we did not drive and I dropped that too. It is very hard now to keep up with all of the bills I may have to take a second job just to keep even. I hope this all changes very soon I am tired of busting my hump to break even.


There was no report of a tornado yesterday but the trees in my yard tell a different tale. The branches that came down are twisted and not snapped off like in a straight wind. Almost every house in our neighborhood has tree damage and some have whole trees down. We did not have electricity for almost 5 hours and that is a very long time for us to be without lights. To top it all off some of the stop lights are still out and that makes getting to work this morning a challenge for sure.

Clint Eastwood

Watched the new Clint Eastwood movie last night and I loved it. I have been a huge Clint Eastwood fan ever since I was a little girl, in the 8th grade most of my class went to see High Plains Drifter and I was hooked on him. The last movie Gran Torino was very good but I was shocked at the ending, it did not end the way I though it would and the twist at the end was very good, I will spoil it here but watch it and you will see what I am talking about.

Safe and sound

In these very troubled times I want to make sure that my home and family are safe and sound.  I use ADT Home Security to make sure we are safe and all of our property is safe at the same time. Being a single mom that has two jobs and does work a lot my kids being safe while at home is very important to me and I strive to make sure they are very safe.

I use ADT Home Security to make sure my home is safe because they have the best name in home security and I trust them with the lives of me and my kids. Not to mention the property we have worked to have, the protection of the things in your home is very important too. Protection from break in and having a fire are the two main things that I worry about and ADT has a great track record in the protection of homes and lives from these very things.

I know that ADT Home Security will be there if my family needs them and that is very comforting to me and my family. Many of the people at work have taken my advise and called ADT to protect their homes too.

Afternoon thunder

It seems that every afternoon we get some thunder and lightning, yesterday it killed my electricity twice and it is starting again today. I know that we can use all the rain we can get but during the spring-summer season rain and storms bring bugs and humidity, two things I dearly hate with a passion. I guess I better get ready for the storm to hit and get my sandbags ready for the flash flood they are giving us a warning for.