Prevention and Protection

Moms are the beginning and the end when it comes to keeping our homes running smoothly. Not only do we take care of balancing the checkbooks, paying the bills, cleaning the house, and raising the kids, we also have to see that our home and family are protected. Protection comes in many different forms, from safety to pest control.

When you buy a new home, you have the obligatory inspection done. They test for everything from water damage, roof leaks and termites. When the report comes back, you decide if you really want the house or not. Ours came back clean but in order to keep it that way, it needed regular maintenance. I saw to it that we are continually protected from infestation by Terminix pest control.  I don’t want my dream home damaged by little bugs.

There are a few things that you can do for some extra prevention:

  • Make sure the soil slopes away from the house
  • Keep plants at least three feet from the house
  • Use plastic sheeting under the house to cover the dirt.
  • Point sprinklers away from the house

You should never have any standing water around the base of the home, as termites need water for survival. Get rid of any dead or dying trees and don’t pile up firewood against the house. You shouldn’t have those anywhere near it in fact. Make sure the base of the house shows about six inches of the concrete foundation all the way around it. Don’t use a lot of mulch around the house, as it breeds termites.

Depending on your area and the regular weather you have there, you might want to make sure there are no large trees too close to the house either. They can be knocked over by storms and you don’t want them to fall on the house. I know that they shade the house and help keep electricity bills down, but in areas with high straight line winds, those trees can be dangerous to your home and your family. Keep the trees well trimmed as well. This way you won’t have to worry about dead branches falling from them.

When you buy a home with a pool and you have small children, you should invest in a safety pool fence. Some of them are removable for those pool parties and such, but they are definitely worth the expense to keep your children safe. In addition to the safety fence, you can put latches or locks at the top of the doors to your home to keep the children from wandering outside. Kids have a tendency to do that the moment you turn your back or use the restroom.

Make sure you have the safety plugs for all of your outlets as well. We all know that children love to stick things into small holes and spaces. We buy them lots of toys teach them to do just that and need to make sure they can’t do it in the wrong space. This goes along with cabinet locks to keep children out of chemicals and such as well. You would be surprised to learn how many children are able to get that Pine-sol bottle open and drink it.

Protecting your home and your family is not very difficult or even expensive if you take simple precautions. Most of it is common sense and easily done on your own without the help of professionals. If you do need a professional to help you, just do your research and you will be fine. I hope this helps you ladies. I know that a lot of it helped me when we first bought our home.



Have You Ever Noticed

Have you ever noticed that when guys take a nap ( no matter what age) in the afternoon, they wake up in a cranky mood and proceed to let everyone know about it.

This is quite possibly one of my biggest pet peeves with guys. I mean REALLY ? You supposed to take a nap to feel refreshed and better when you wake up, not to feel like you hate the world. Seriously irritated right now…grrr

Bring Me an Eggroll

I’m the first to admit that I’m not a big fan of Asian food. I think part of it may be that where I grew up there was no Asian food. I never had anything remotely Asian until I got into college, and that was the cheap take out food that you eat by ordering combination #1 or combo #2. The only food I was willing to try was sweet and sour pork. That was OK, but the best part of the meal was the eggroll. Don’t ask me why, but I like eggrolls.

So tonight we went to an upscale Asian restaurant and I didn’t know what anything on the menu would taste like. They did not have a sweet and sour pork, but they did have eggrolls. So I ordered a chicken dish with a funny name and the eggrolls – the eggrolls were awesome. The best I’ve ever had!

Holidays underway and winter storm

Been really busy lately as is usual for this time of year. Between sick kids and trying to get everything done for holiday shopping and the local food and toy collections, I barely have time to breathe. The house is fully decorated though, so that is one thing I no longer have to worry about. Not that the lights outside are likely to work well this weekend. The winter storm that is coming through is supposed to have lots of ice, so we will more than likely lose electricity. We had no electric last night for a few hours and it was not a good thing, especially with a sick child.

I am really glad we have a fireplace so we don’t have to worry about not having heat. It won’t be able to heat the entire house, but I can close off a few rooms and keep it relatively warm in here. That will go a long way to heating things up. Cooking might be a problem. I am digging out the camping gear just in case. That way if we need it to cook, we will have it ready.

I have plenty of candles and canned goods that can be quickly heated up, as well as lots of crackers and snacks. We will be okay through this. I am worried for people who don’t have the supplies and resources that we do though. I hope a shelter or two open just in case they are needed. I am also reaching out to a few people that I think my need our help. I will feel better knowing that their kids will be warm if they come to my house to stay for a couple of days or so. Other than that I have done all I can. Stay safe in the storm people.