Night Creams

Ever since I was a small girl I have used many different night creams to help keep my skin moist, some worked very well some not at all. I got to searching on the internet for some night cream reviews, what I found amazed even cynical old me.

The one night cream that I have used for years was not given a very high score on the web site that I found with the very best night cream reviews. Night Creams has a great web site with a lot of information on which night cream is rated high and which ones are rated low. I plan to make my night cream choices from here on out on which ones have been rated higher than the rest.

I love the way that a good night cream makes my skin feel and I have always been very selective on which night cream I use and I see no reason to change that now that I am on the down hill side of 40, I need a better night cream now that I ever needed when I was 20. All the help I can get to choose a better night cream will be appreciated very highly.

Carbide Bits and Vrious Other Tools

After the Labor Day holiday is all over and done with comes early on the first Monday of September this year, I am going to have to look for some handyman services in order to get some of the issues taken care of around the place that I just don’t have the time or the tools or the experience to tend to. I gave up trying to find the carbide bits that I had just purchased last year and other various tools seem to have taken a hike during the spring and summer season. I get so frustrated with trying to find things around here. One day I will get organized, but I don’t think that will happen any time soon.

If you are a home owner you well know how much time, effort and money it takes to keep the house up and running in so many ways, it just isn’t possible to get it all done on my own so a good quality handyman will come in “handy” for most of my needs that should be taken care of before the cold winter months hit us. Something tells me we are going to have a real long and cold winter this year. A winter that starts early and last forever and a day, raising havoc on the population.

There are a few friends and family members that can and do come over on occasions to lend a hand with some projects but it seems that people are getting busier and busier these days and it isn’t always possible to impose on their time and talents. And now with the holidays and then the cold winter months ahead of us it will be more of a challenge so I’m just going to go ahead and pay a professional and get things moving.

Baby Spiders

Recently I inherited some baby spider plants. I have always wanted spider plants in my house. They are just so unique looking!  At first I wasn’t sure what I was going to do with these gorgeous specimens. I have a green and white striped one and a solid green one.

Then one morning I woke up and while I was enjoying my morning cup of chai tea I spotted the perfect location for these plants to live. My large picture window will be their new homes.

Tomorrow I shall march down to the local hardware store and purchase a couple of plant hangers for the wall. I can then hang one plant up on each end of the window and the mixture and light and shade should be just right. These plants do not like bright sunlight all day.

If they receive this then they have a chance of burning. While I am at the hardware store I will also pick up matching pots. I can’t wait to put this project together. They are going to look fabulous!

Green Printing

Companies all over the world are jumping on the green bandwagon. Green printing is one of those as well. Printing companies are worried about their impact on the world just like everyone else. This is a really good thing because it is our responsibility to make sure that we preserve our environment for future generations.

There are all kinds of green products and services out there in today’s world. There are cleaning products that are green, as well as, everyday things that we use. Plastic bottles, toilet paper, news paper and many more are made from recycled products. This helps keep a lot of waste out of the land fills. Do your part and recycle too.

Flower Care

This year was pretty much a disaster as far as my back yard. Usually I would be reaping the rewards of a small backyard garden and giving extra produce to friends, neighbors, family and co workers. Between the weather being crazy and my lack of interest and energy this year, it just didn’t work out.

I did manage to get a few tomato plants that are producing although usually there are plenty of red ones on the vine by now. But they are taking their time in ripening. It is actually a bit better for me because I can only use and give so many tomatoes in the first week of August.

This year’s month August is being call Autumn in August, even some of the bushes and trees are totally confused at to what time of the year it is. There has been several mornings that I have gone outside, the wind is blowing and it’s overcast, that I have witnessed a good amount of leaves on the ground as well a a bunch of leaves being tossed around in the cool breeze.

I think I will back off on some of the food items in the garden next year. A nice break from this yearly chore. I would love to start planting some nicer plants and buses around the yard.

I have all winter to learn what I need to know and do for caring for orchids and all the other beautiful and colorful flowers that I am looking forward to tend to next spring and summer. I can’t wait to start getting all the seeds and flower catalogs that I always find in my mailbox right before the up and coming spring plantings.

In the mean time I’ll be looking around online to do a bit of research which will make all the decisions as an educated consumer.