As a middle aged woman I am constantly amazed by the power of the internet. I have recently found family I had not been in contact with in years. I can do my holiday shopping from the comfort of my living room sofa. We can play computer games until our hearts are content and of course there is social networking such as Facebook. I’ve just learned there is also online sports betting.

Some of my friends are really into soccer so I will suggest they check the website out.

I have to admit I am quite addicted to Facebook. I’ve reconnected with Junior High and High School friends and I stay in touch with close friends and current and past co-workers. I do not play the games and I admit I am annoyed when friends send requests over and over for the games. I do however like to post music videos and I am quite a fan of Youtube and sharing those videos on Facebook. I am confident that my friends are just as annoyed by my videos as I am by their games. I try to remain tolerant though, and I never let anyone know that I am annoyed by the games. They are kind as well and hardly ever tell me to lay off the music.

Shopping online

Today is supposed to be a huge online shopping day even topping Cyber Monday. Some companies are offering free shipping and free is always a good thing. I’m going to purchase some chocolate for a cousin in California. She has a sweet tooth and always enjoys receiving chocolates for Christmas. On another website I will place an order for ornaments and cute felt bags for my staff. I know they will like them.

I will also take advantage of ordering from stores that no longer exist in the malls around me. It’s cool that even though my favorite stores aren’t around, I can go online and still make my holiday purchases.

I traditionally purchase a lot of comfort items, like pajamas and slippers. My recipients may not be thrilled when they first open the package but they are certain to love them and appreciate them when the weather gets colder. My sons would rather have electronics, but those items can be so expensive. I am feeling pressured to find the perfect gifts this year. I usually do not fall into that trap. All in all, Christmas will pass quickly again this year and I hope all my loved ones enjoy the gifts I choose for them.

Summer Dreaming

This frosty weather has me day dreaming about next Spring and Summer. I like to picture creating new flower beds in my mind. It takes my mind off winter dreariness. I think I will make some new raised planters at the edge of my property line. I want a lot of rose bushes. I have been looking at my neighbor’s roses and they are so lovely. These long dark days will thankfully be replaced by long summer days where it stays light until 9pm.

I moved this year and have a new yard. I have thought about buying a hot tub or an above ground pool. I am researching how much maintenance is involved in either or both. I love the thought of a hot tub in cool weather. It would be soothing for my old bones to slip into a nice hot tub at the end of my work day. An above ground pool would be wonderful as well, but in a different way. I guess in my mind, a pool is daytime fun, while a hot tub is for evening relaxation.

My research has included learning about chemicals required, and how sturdy a pool liner is. I would prefer whichever I purchase last years, I wouldn’t want to replace it anytime soon.


Someday, I hope to have the time and money to travel. In my life, I’ve been up and down the East Coast, to Toronto, Canada and south to Florida. I’ve been as far west as Indianapolis. Anyone interested in moving way north should check out Calgary apartments for rent.

I visited Toronto for business but while there I was able to go to the Canadian side of Niagara Falls. It was so beautiful, I hope to get back someday for a more leisurely visit. I am not sure I’d like to relocate North, I don’t appreciate the cold much. I love Florida for the sun and beaches, but again I don’t think I’d like to live there year round. It gets too hot and humid and that makes it difficult to go outdoors.

I’ve loved driving in the West Virginia mountains. That is truly “God’s country”. but again the winters are fierce with a lot of snow and I do not think i’d like that either.

The Carolina’s are beautiful, especially their beaches.

Someday I’d like to see Montana and Wyoming, “Big Sky Country”. I really have no desire to visit California or Nevada. I really don’t care to visit Las Vegas. It seems too commercial to me.

I guess other than occasional vacations, I will remain a Virginia girl where we enjoy all four seasons.

Marketing Help

A friend of mine recently lost her job as Director of Marketing in the shopping mall industry. Given that she doesn’t want to relocate to another state to find another job in the industry, she has begun her own marketing company from her home. She hopes to specialize in small business marketing. She has many years experience in marketing, so I am sure she will be a great success. It is cool that she can do what she loves from the comfort of her home, and I will bet on most days in her pajamas. I know though, that having your own business usually means you work far more than you would working for a company. The job requires traveling, as she will have clients all over the country.

Before she can begin to help market clients she had to set up her own web site. Realizing how important local search engine optimization is to the success of small, local businesses, she has been doing a lot of research. One company that helps with that is RevLocal. Her web site looks awesome and I do expect it to help her make many new clients.

Because marketing has changed so much in the last ten years with of the internet and social media, she hopes to specialize in search engine marketing to ensure her clients have a strong, positive presence on the web. She has received many phone calls and has been meeting with prospective clients almost daily.

The old days of newspaper advertising has long gone with more people doing business on their computers. Radio advertising and direct mail still seem to be effective, but more and more people are going to the internet for research, socialization, and shopping. Shopping online is certainly easier than dealing with the crowds in stores and it is fun to look forward to receiving packages.

Pre-Holiday Season

I love this time of year when people are just beginning to think about the Holiday Season. The last minute “I need to find the perfect gift” panic hasn’t kicked in yet, and people are leisurely putting up Christmas lights, door wreaths, and yard decorations. The weather has been mild lately, allowing a comfortable experience to decorate outside.

Unfortunately, before we know it, it will be panic and crunch time. People’s patience will be tested, their tempers short, and manners all but forgotten. Folks will be pushed and shoved waiting in lines, and probably more than a few toes stepped on. All of this insanity for a few minutes of opening gifts on Christmas morning.

I think it’s too bad that instead of one day, we can’t have Holiday week, allowing more time to relax and enjoy our family and friends.