Bathroom vanity

All of a sudden I heard a big crash, I flew to the window and threw up the sash… Okay it didn’t come from outside. Time to turn around and see what happened. I haven’t heard any hollering, which means that no one is hurt. In the hallway stand two children outside the bathroom looking in. Alrighty then, I guess that is where the problem lies. I go inside and apparently the flowerpot that was in the window sill has fallen onto the bathroom vanity and broken. Great. A mess to clean up and I am still barely awake this morning. *sigh*

Bad night last night

I had a really bad night last night. I couldn’t sleep hardly at all and when I did manage to doze off, I woke back up almost immediately. I finally fell into slumber about seven o’clock this morning and then promptly had a really bad dream.

I woke up to hearing myself trying to scream for help. It was awful. I haven’t had a dream like that in a very long time. I hope I don’t have another one for just as long. Ugh!

The trees

Well I am having some tree work done next week. The weather is nothing but thunderstorms all week and there are already branches down. I know that there will be a lot more, but there is no reason to start with it still raining. First thing Monday morning they will come and lean it up, as well as cut down any branches that need to be taken down. We used to do it ourselves but started hiring someone else because honestly, they have professional climbing gear and it is much easier for them to do.

This will also get our trees ready for the winter season that will be coming along shortly. That way if we have any ice storms this year, I won’t have to worry about it then. It will all be taken care of. I learned my lesson with that a few years ago when we had a large branch come down on the hood of one of the cars. Now we don’t take any chances. I wouldn’t want one to come down on one of the kids when they are outside, so it is best to be prepared. You might want to take a look at the trees in your yard and see if they need to be trimmed so that you don’t have problems with it later.

Child support

Waiting on child support each month can be such a pain. On one hand, I know that he is having a rough time of it and on the other hand, I have bills to pay, school supplies to buy as well as school clothes. I try not to be demanding or anything and keep our friendship easy going for the kids sake, but sometimes it isn’t easy. There is so much going on with summer, and quite frankly I need him to be on time with his payments. Makes life so much easier for me and for the kids.

Artificial grass

Whether you are tired of mowing the lawn for what seems like twice every week or looking at the disheartening results of dead grass that used to be a vibrant green become a withering brown – artificial grass is the answer. Residential lawns and even golf putting greens that have been replaced with artificial turf no longer have to be concerned with the constant chores of watering, weeding, cutting, fertilizing and having to apply pesticides to maintain a consistent healthy look to their landscape. The key to installing artificial turf properly includes many important concerns. It is vital to make sure that your synthetic grass is eco-friendly and meets the standards set by the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) and the International Play Equipment Manufacturers Association (IPEMA).

These certified safety standards must be upheld for the health of children, adults and animals by a company that you choice to purchase your artificial turf from, such as System Pavers. The other considerations for properly installing synthetic grass is not just making sure that it is made from extremely high quality yarns, but that it is also accommodated with holes for drainage to make sure that water is able to disperse after landing on your artificial grass. A artificial grass installer such as System Pavers is capable of meeting these installation requirements, as well as being able to include toxin-free infill that is safe for the environment and is also anti-microbial to avoid the growth of various unwanted forms of bacteria.

Boating this weekend

Yay ! We get to go boating this weekend. We had a part we had to order for the boat because it was not running right, but we got it fixed and we get to go out. I cannot wait to get out on the water.

The kids are so excited. When the part was delivered a little while ago I hid it so they wouldn’t get their hopes up, but my honey came home for lunch and installed it really quick and it worked wonderfully. Now we can all be happy and spend the next couple of days prepping for the weekend fun.