This morning was the most beautiful sunrise.  I love watching  multiple colors dance across the sky as the world awakens.  Someday I shall have a mural in my home of a sunrise.  Many of the local hardware stores have murals for sale of sunrises.  They do not come cheap.

However, the motifs they offer are worth the cost.  They even have some designs that include palm trees and white sand.  This is a relaxing scene as well.

Beach walk

The beach was a sight to be scene tonight.  I really enjoyed my walk tonight.  Just before the sunset I even caught a glimpse of a whale!  I was shocked to see such a large animal so close to the shore.

While I was walking I picked up a few new pieces of sea glass to add to my collection.  My collection is quite small but every piece is a pleasure to look at.  I like the element of the glass being unfinished.  I also like to imagine where the glass may have traveled.

Dogs Days Continue

The heat index is what I care about lately. How hot does it feel? How much more heat can we stand?

The temperature, humidity and lack of a cool breeze have made it feel like over 100 degrees for almost 3 months straight now. We still have all of August and most of September as our summer. Ugh!

We sure could use a couple of weeks of cooler temperatures.