Moms birthday

Moms birthday is coming up soon and I know just what to get her. I am going to get her a mother’s ring. She has expressed a wish to have one for a long time and I always thought dad would get it for her, since he said he was going to. Apparently he has forgotten about it, so I will do it for her birthday. Typically you give one for Mother’s Day, but you can do it anytime.

Tux Paint

Do you have a small child that wants to learn or use your computer? Well I found a great program for them to learn to do art on the computer. It’s called Tux paint.

My youngest child loves it! He makes all kinds of pictures and such with it. It is absolutely free and is malware and virus free. So it is safe for your computer. Give it a try and see how much your child likes it as well.

Tide pods

Usually I don’t use tide. It is much more expensive than some of the other brands, but I got a coupon for a free package of the pods. I decided I might as well try them and was very happy that I did.

Of course we all know that tide works, but I never realized how much laundry detergent gets wasted when you measure it out yourself. Using the pods, I go through much less detergent and it seems to last forever. It doesn’t have to be Tide, but I would try the pods of any brand if I were you. It will actually save you money.

Teachers conferences

It’s that time of year for the teacher conferences. I don’t know why they have them so early in the year. You would think that they would wait until at least after the first report card came out but they don’t. Scheduling the conferences for so many different times is occasionally a problem for me. With three kids, sometimes the teachers give me times that are incompatible. Oh well, I will see it through as I always do.

Charity drive

We are doing a charity drive for the school. It will include a small carnival/fair with some small rides, various local vendors and an animal show as well. Everyone is so excited since this is the first year we are doing this. Usually we have a bake sale, but the profits had dwindled so much that it was pointless to continue. The suggestion for the fair came from the children themselves, so they are inordinately proud of this achievement. The fact that they get to help as well has them over the top. Make sure you come out this weekend and have some fun with us.