Seasonal Decorating and Ham

Wow! Where has the year gone?  It is time to decorate for Christmas already.  I feel like it was just Easter.  The funny thing is both holidays often serve ham.  Ham makes an economical dinner for the family.

Whether it is a shoulder ham or a spiral ham both taste great!  If I had to choose one I would pick the spiral ham.  I like how it literally falls off of the bone in a spiral pattern.  This makes it easier to serve in my opinion.  When serving, it is important to have a great topping.  My favorite is a sauce that has a hint of mustard.  One other thing that is important not to forget; the cherries on top!


Well, Thanksgiving is in a few days.  I really wish that Thanksgiving was given a little more attention.  Years after years retail stores like to drag out the Halloween candy immediately after the Fourth of July and as soon as Halloween is over they spend what feels like only a week on Thanksgiving decorations before Christmas is taken out.

In the future it would be nice to see the stores spend more time celebrating this important holiday.  This holiday is the foundation of our country.  We should give thanks not only for all we have been given but also to the pioneers who came before us.


Today I have to go to the grocery store to buy all of my Thanksgiving fixings.  I hope I am shopping early enough in order to avoid the rush.  Crowds are the worst when you are trying to get the items you came for and leave.

One thing I absolutely cannot forget to pick up two kinds of cranberry sauce.  One kind is the whole berry and the other is the jellied kind.  There are several people coming to dinner that prefer one or the other.  I have to make my guests happy!

Charlie Brown Thanksgiving

I love Charlie Brown television specials.  They always make me feel happier after the show is over.  Charlie Brown is very lucky to have such caring friends.

Charlie Brown’s friends made sure that they were all able to eat Thanksgiving dinner together despite not having a turkey.  This television special shows that as long as people gather with others who care about them they can have a great meal and holiday even without the traditional fixings.