Price of gas drops

Here in Nashville the price of gasoline dropped, for a few day we were paying $3.15 a gallon. Now it has went back up to $3.45 a gallon. Still better than the over $4.00 a gallon we were paying just a few weeks ago. I know this current price increase is from the hurricanes hitting the oil producing areas of the Gulf of Mexico.

Hope that when the storms are over, the price will go back down to a reasonable rate. We need the lower prices to make any money in our newspaper delivery business. Our expenses have gone through the roof this summer and we are on the verge of going under due to the price increases.

We will just have to sit and wait to see what the price does this week after the storm passes. I, for one, hope it goes back down, but I am not going to hold my breath.

Football time in Tennessee

Tennessee has always been a hot bed of college football with their beloved U.T. Volunteers. I am not a huge fan of the Tennessee Vols. In fact, I do not like them at all and I especially don’t like their coach. He does not deserve even half the money he makes yet they continue to give him big raises and worship the ground he walks on. They need to wake up and face the fact that he’s lost his magic and the team’s losing record these past two years proves that.

I went to a Big 12 school and will always think that the Big 12 is a better football conference than the South Eastern Conference. I mean, for gosh sakes, any conference that has Vanderbilt and the two Mississippi schools in it, how good can it be?

I really think that Oklahoma has a good shot this year and I hope they do well every week except when they play Oklahoma State.

Low prices?

Today, the price of gasoline dropped to $3.15 a gallon, a price we have not seen in a long time. Not so very long ago the price of gasoline was over $4.00 a gallon and rising.

I took all the vehicles that needed gasoline and filled them up today. I am sure this simple act by me will force the price to rise several cents over the next few days.

I hope it keeps going down and gets to a level that more people can afford. Just this drop of 85 cents or so has made our delivery business more profitable and has eased our money crunch. I hope it keeps going down, but I am not counting on that. We are formulating a “Plan B” to find an alternate source of revenue if the prices go over $5 a gallon this year.

Dry summer

After a very welcome wet spring and early summer, we have hit a very dry spell the last of July and the first part of August.

We have had no rain at all since July 20th and are creeping up on the dreaded “D” word again. Drought is a bad term to use any way.

We had a very dry 2007 and the start of this year was very wet, so we are still ahead of the total that we average in a normal year. It is not too late to get some needed rain and get us back where we need to be, wet and wonderful.