Looking Chic On My Bicycle

One of the best parts about riding my bicycle around town is that I’m able to wear a lot of my cute clothes and not worry about messing them up. It’s not like  I ride that far to work or anything because most of the places are nearby my  home. I’m really into fashion and love the opportunity I have to show off my personal style when I ride my bike.

I almost feel sorry for people who ride motorcycles and have to wear special gear on them just for safety purposes. Well, I don’t really worry about that. I do have a helmet, but it looks pretty cute and matches my bike so it looks good, not dorky. I found it online a few weeks ago at a really good price, actually. While I was online looking for helmets, I came across the website for Wild Blue Deals  I looked through it a little bit and after that I decided to sign up for an internet package that I found on that website.

I’m excited about this weather because I’ll be able to ride my back a little bit more. I hate it when it’s too darned cold for me to ride. I’m just sad I live in an area where I can’t ride my bicycle comfortably all the time.

Heat Wave

We are currently going through a terrible heat wave.  We have been in the 90 degree weather for the past five days.  People are dropping like flies from heat exhaustion.

Hydration is the best thing a person can do in times of a heat wave.  People should drink water like a fish.  Also taking as many cool baths can be beneficial.  In the inner cities, the fire departments often will turn on the hydrants for people to cool off in the streets.  This is a generous thing to do for the community.  I wish I could see that done here.

Coventry 3′ x 5′ Oval Tawny

Don’t get me wrong, I love my new hard wood floors, but there is something about having some thing nice and warm to step on that a hard wood floor just doesn’t have to offer. I think having a couple of nice area rugs to place strategically in a few key places around the house just might be the best way to handle this.

There used to be a guy that always set up at the Flea Marker down in the city that I used to like doing business with, but I hear that he retired and no one has heard from him since last year. I love going to this up scale Flea Market.  You won’t find any used toys or baby clothes, it is strictly antiques and collectibles and other top quality merchandise. Well worth the trip down into the city on a nice weather day. There is such a variety of merchandise, as well as a variety of customers that it is a great way to spend the day people watching and seeing all the unique dealers that set-up there each weeks. But I have purchased a few items here and there through-out the years.

Thank goodness for the Internet. I found a great selection of that I have seriously been eyeballing the past couple of days. Amazing how many types of rugs are available these days. I think I’ll stick with the classics, now I just need to decide what size will be the best for what I need and want. It could run me anywhere from $40 all the way up to just under a grand.

Social Studies

I don’t talk about politics on my blog, however this is not really politics, but my sons Social Studies class and what they are learning. Right now my son is learning about the United States government, the Constitution and how we govern ourselves.

I really enjoy this particular class the kids take. It gives me a common ground to actually help teach my children about their responsibility within our society. I get to explain to them the importance of voting, as well as the ethics and morality of certain laws. Teaching them why somethings are very important to hold onto and why others should be changed.

I have a little ritual that I do every Fourth of July. As it is our Independence day, I read the constitution and keep myself familiar with it. It is an important thing to do for any American, but for me it is a reaffirmation of my freedom. As the kids get older I teach them why this is important to them and one day to the children they may have. I hope that they follow in my footsteps and make this a ritual of their own and pass it along to their own children one day.

Happy 4th of July!

I wanted to tell wish everyone a great big Happy 4th of July ! I hope you all have a wonderful day with lots of BBQ and fireworks. Be careful when light of your own fireworks and keep safe. Also, make sure you have a designated driver if you are going to drink. There will be the ever present road blocks and I wouldn’t want anyone to get hurt or into trouble.