Mailbox Battle

Every winter I have to worry about my mail box.  The plowman can be so vicious. I feel as though he really does not care about any one’s mailbox, not just mine. I have to replace my mailbox nearly every year.

One year I actually rebelled and refused to fix my residential mailbox. It was extremely bashed in and did not meet the federal post office box standards. Unfortunately, the post office won and I had to fork out money to replace the box and the post. I was not happy.  What made this worse was that the mailbox I replaced was a decorative one.

I love decorative mailboxes. However, with this situation I am not able to have a pretty mailbox. This upsets me but that is the price I have to pay for country living.  I would not give up country living for the world. I enjoy going out on a daily basis to pick my mail out of my mailbox.  I not only get to pick up my mail but also get to enjoy the birds and flowers in my gardens.

Crafts and Organization

Have you ever wanted to create your own jewelry? Or perhaps make your own candles or quilts? Crafting is more than just a hobby today, for some it is a work of art, labor of love or even a way have their own business. No matter what kind of crafting you do, finding storage for your excess supplies and finished products can be a pain. Although you can use kitchen containers at to keep the items at arms length there are other options.

If you live in New York City, it is even harder. Sometimes it helps to look outside the city for the best space at a good price. Westy Self Storage is a pretty good place to use. Many people have different needs when it comes to storing crafting supplies. Some need to find climate controlled units, so their stuff won’t be damaged by the heat or cold.

Candles and candle making supplies definitely need to be climate controlled because you don’t want them to melt when it gets hot out. Using a storage facility outside of the city will definitely be cheaper on your pocketbook and in more plentiful supply. If you think about just how many people are actually in New York, you will understand that any storage in the city is already full and there is a waiting list a mile long to boot.

Once you have your storage unit, you can use old kitchen cabinets to easily organize many of your projects. Sure you can use air tight plastic containers, but the advantages of organizing your stuff for easy access is really cool. Add a label maker to that and you can label all of the drawers and cabinets. You will never have to dig and search through everything just to find that one little item. If you have the cabinets and counters, you can even work on your crafts right there for quick fixes and such.

One thing I love about having my crafting stuff in a storage unit is the accidents that regularly occur in apartment buildings. Broken pipes, over flowing toilets, and fire or smoke damage, can wreck your crafting supplies if they are in your apartment as well as everything else you own. However, if you are crafting as a business, you don’t want them damaged or destroyed just when you need them the most.

Lets face it, taking a drive and getting away from the big city is refreshing. Spending a little bit of time away from the hustle and bustle can relax you and you can accomplish whatever you have set out to do that day. Plus the best flea markets to sell those finished products are usually out in the country or the suburbs. An easy distance to haul your gear and sell your stuff if you plan it right.

So give it a thought, organize what you need and what you need out of your way. Then find the best location for you. You will not be disappointed with your decision to declutter your home. Then you will have more room for the things you really want there.




New Diet Plan

Over the years I have been on many diets, some have worked and some have not worked at all. I have started doing a lot more research on diet plans and getting reviews on them. I found a great site with diet reviews and a whole lot of very useful information on it, The Apidexin review site has all of the diet plans I have ever seen reviewed on it and what I really like they give you the pluses and the minuses of each diet plan.

I know that I can find a diet plan that will work for me over the long haul, not just a plan that helps you lose weight, then you gain it right back in just a few months. It is time to hit the beach and I want to be ready in my yellow polka dot bikini and I will need some help from a working diet plan to make this deal work.

This web site has so much very useful information I think that anyone who wants to lose some weight, safely and properly should use the web site for the Apidexin review, to find their perfect diet plan, just like I have this summer.

Emery Boards

As a child I was given a manicure set as a Christmas gift. I didn’t know how to use any of the tools in that set except for the nail clippers and the nail file. I used a nail file for many years. Then I discovered emery boards. What a great discovery! I love the emery boards and keep one in my purse at all times.

Interesting how they are being used for advertising, what a concept!

Some Relaxing Music

Couldn’t help playing a little bit of relaxing music while I sit here working. Otis Redding was an awesome musician. I have always loved this song in particular. Every so often I just have to play a little blues to wind down. It also helps me concentrate when I have a lot of writing to do as well.

Pets Dying

Unfortunately part of being a loving pet owner, is losing them to death. It is like a part of your family, and a piece of your heart goes with them. One of the cats my Mother, “rescued”, meaning she snatched it off the street because she didn’t think it was safe with the family that had it, died this week.

He was run over by a car, and she has been very distraught. We all have, but none of us, but her had the courage to go scrape him off the road until today. Thankfully Little Uno is now buried, close to our house in the woods. We will miss you Uno, you will be missed.