I love the new Expressions look. I can take the wrappers off of the spray bottles and leave them out, and you can’t really tell right away that it is a spray can. The different user looks really good sitting on the table as opposed to a plug in stuck in the wall. The Starlit Evening fragrance is my favorite for now, but I have so many to try yet.

I am going back to Walmart next week when I do the grocery shopping and see what others I can try. One of the best parts is that it helps significantly with the smell of the dogs when they come in from the outdoors. I am always trying to get rid of the dog smell in the house and this makes it much easier.

Foreign Cars

SAAB is one of the best foreign cars ever made. Comparable with Volkswagen on safety, they are the Cadillac of Europe. Affordable, luxurious and great on gas mileage, the SAAB is an amazing family vehicle as well.

All vehicles, no matter what make or model, require some type of regular maintenance or repair from time to time. For your OEM Saab Parts, you will want to use a reputable dealer like eEuroparts. They have everything that you will possible need to do maintenance on your Saab. Most maintenance in relatively easy to do, as well as minor repair. A simple tool kit and a little time is all you need to do it.

Here are a few tips for tuning up your Saab. First, you will need buy, spark plugs, wires, oil, oil filter, drain pan, air filter, and a fuel filter. This is just for a basic tune up without all the fuss or extra equipment. A deep socket is needed to pull the spark plugs, so you might want to pick one up. It is always best to do your tune up in the morning before you have driven it anywhere. You don’t want to do a tune up on a hot motor.

If you plug wires are fine and don’t need replacing, make sure to grasp the end of the wire as close down around the plug as possible, so you do not damage the wire. Replace each plug individually and replace the wire or put it back on so that you do not mix up the wires. Once this is done you can jack your car up and loosen the plug bolt on the bottom of the oil pan and allow it to drain out into a plastic oil drain pan. While this drains, remove the oil filter. Most of them will come off with a good twist, but occasionally you might need and oil filter wrench. Replace the old oil filter with the new one and you are good to go. Tighten up the plug bolt on the oil pan, before you put the new oil into the motor.

There are clips on the side of the air filter box that are relatively easy to remove. If they are stubborn, a flat head screw driver can help. Replace your air filter and then find and replace your fuel filter. Again this can be done with a simple screw driver. Check the fluid level in your radiator and make sure you aren’t in need of more antifreeze. If you have no leaks, you shouldn’t need any.

You can change the distributor cap and rotor as well if you choose, but they do not need regular replacement like plugs and oil. If you do decide to, make sure that you take the wires off of the old one and put them on the new one one at a time, so you have them in the right placement. The same with the rotor, but it only goes on one way so it shouldn’t be a problem. You have just done your first tuneup on your Saab and can now be proud of your accomplishment.

Amazing Artwork

This is just an amazing picture. I can just imagine walking along and then coming across this. It is totally awesome. The dedication to creating such a piece of work that will only be washed away with the next rain is simply astounding. You can tell that the artist has nothing but pure love for his craft. Street art has become incredible.

Remodeling Is Costly

Just because someone owns their own home, doesn’t mean they have credit cards. Many people get rid of their credit cards after they pay down their debt, only to find out that they might need them again to do renovations or remodeling on their home. Now they have to go back and apply for a card that will suit their needs. If they weren’t happy with the cards they had before, researching the new cards that are available now is the smart thing to do.

Once you make the decision to apply for a credit card, you need to know your credit score. Free credit score.com can help you with that in just a short amount of time. The best credit cards to apply for, are the ones that are compatible with your lifestyle. For instance, if you don’t travel a lot, you wont need a frequent flyer miles card.

Rewards cards are really great for people who make large purchases. If you are remodeling or renovating your home, you will be making large purchases and the rewards would be worth you having one of these cards, especially if you are going to be doing a DIY renovation/remodel. Since DIY typically takes longer then having a professional come in, your purchases will not be all at once.

However, if you have decided that you don’t have to time for a DIY job, and are going to hire someone to do it, then you might want a low interest rate or balance transfer card. Don’t get stuck with too many cards. If you have a lot of credit cards, you can end up in a lot of debt if you are not careful. Using a balance transfer card can help you consolidate all of your debt to one low rate card, but you have to read the fine print.

Of course there are other ways to pay for your renovation. You can use the home’s equity to pay for the upkeep, take a personal loan or just use cash. This however, can create a lot of paperwork in the case of the first two and who honestly has that much cash on hand to use. You can use online tools to keep track of your budget or an online debt reduction calculator to test out your finances first and see if what you have planned is feasible. Make sure to research fully before committing yourself to whatever card you apply for.

Take your time with finding a credit card and if the rewards are worth it. That renovation may wait a little longer if you need it to. Also, don’t over extend yourself. Be sure that you can afford to do that remodel before you begin it. The last thing you want is to get halfway through it and run out of cash and credit to do it. Then you will be stuck in home that is only half finished. You don’t have to have the most expensive items to have your home look good. Moderation is always a good thing when working with a budget.

Renovations DIY

When you decide to renovate your home, it is a big decision and there are a lot of ramifications. First you have to decide what part of your home you are going to renovate and measure the dimensions of the rooms, doors and windows. DIY renovations take a bit longer then your typical pro job, so it is usually best to do it in sections if you are doing the entire house. Begin with one end of the house and move through as each project is finished. In this way you are not living with a massive mess and most projects can be finished within a weekend.

Funding your renovation is very important as well. You want to make sure that you have all of the funds you need before you start ordering you supplies. At this point you know what you want, have everything picked out and priced. Allow for a little extra just in case you forgot something. Tools are really important, whether it be hand tools or a good budget calculator online, they are imperative to have. It’s always good to have your credit card to back you up just in case. The best credit cards have rewards for large purchases and you can use those to your advantage.

Everyone knows that places like Home Depot and Lowes are the the place to go for all your DIY needs. They have great programs to teach you how to do the work yourself, with professional results. Any questions you have can be easily answered by the personnel at either location. They are trained well to make sure they have the right answers.

If you are going do a kitchen, a DIY renovation may take a little longer, but don’t get discouraged. If you plan it out right, you can have it done in a short amount of time. You only have to make sure that you have all of your supplies on hand and ready to go. Cabinets, stove, sink, refrigerator etc…all need to be there when you START the job. Having  a check list of everything as well as knowing exactly what order you need to do your work is paramount.

Some jobs require permits. If you have the knowledge base and can prove it, you can get the permit yourself, although sometimes a professional is needed. Major electrical, plumbing and additions are a definite permit job. Particularly additions. Because certain electrical and/or plumbing is required for additions, you will need permits. Some you can obtain yourself and some have to be done through a licensed contractor. Your research for whatever job you need done will tell you that. Talk to the local permit office to see what you need.

Enjoy the work. From the designing phase to the actual work. Working with your hands can bring a certain satisfaction unlike no other. When guests come to your home, you can have the added pleasure of telling them that you did the work yourself. Your hard work will pay off.