In Australia

I didn’t tell you guys that my second cousin moved to Australia. She got an amazing job offer and they paid for the move and everything. She also found a new cellulite treatment Sydney has to offer. It is something she has fought with for a long while. She always has wanted to do something about it and now she apparently can. I am happy that she will be able to feel better about herself. When a woman doesn’t feel good about herself, it has a negative effect oh her life. I don’t want that for my cousin. This should help her immensely.

I am seriously thinking about taking a trip to Australia to visit her. I might even go when she has this treatment. That way if she is sore afterwards, I can give her a helping hand. Then when she is all better, we can go do the tourist thing and see all of the sights. There is so much to see there too. My mother has already offered to watch the kids if I decide to go. That way I am free to enjoy the trip to the fullest. After all, how often do you get to travel to the other side of the planet for a vacation? Not very often in my life.

To be honest, this is probably a once in a lifetime chance and I would be stupid not to take it. Add to that, the fact that my cousin needs a little help after this treatment. I can take care of two birds with one stone and feel really good about my trip. Especially, since I usually don’t take trips without my kids. I will have some latent guilt over that, but I know that I will get over it quickly. Wish me Bon Voyage’!

Bah checks are going to be late

The pay checks are going to be late coming in. Usually they are in by ten am Thursday, but apparently they wont be in until tomorrow. I hate it when that happens. That also means that next weeks check will be late as well. At least there is nothing really pressing that needs to be paid immediately. Nothing I can’t do without anyway. lol I am sure I can get it all together in time for the bills coming in.

That hcg is working great

The hgc supplement I have been taking to help me lose weight is working great. I cannot believe it. I have always had trouble losing weight due to my diabetes, but not anymore. I cannot wait to go to the doctors office, so he can see how well it is working. I have literally tried everything. Working out is difficult, because I am so busy, that finding time is almost impossible. Of course just trying to keep up with these kids is a workout in itself. Hopefully, when I get down to the weight I want, I will be able to keep it off. I am sure that it will stay off though, because I am always on the go.

Wonderful Christmas

We had a wonderful Christmas with the family. We had a big brunch after the kids opened their gifts. They weren’t very happy about having to wait for the family arrived, but we had already agreed so they only pouted a little bit. I just laughed at them,because as I mentioned before they had agreed. Fortunately the family wasn’t late for a change and the second the last one arrived the kids dug into the presents like starving animals to food. It was hilarious.

The kids were happy though, they got pretty much everything they asked for and then some, so I am content. I wasn’t sure I would be able to pull it off, but I just barely managed to handle everything. I was shopping for that last present on Christmas eve, and wasn’t sure I would find it. I ended up paying more then I anticipated, but it was so worth it. Hope everyone had a great day too.

Personal word of mouth marketing

There is a new trend for personal word of mouth marketing. If you have a business or brand to sell, then using social networks, blogging channels and such can get your product or service much more business. Facebook is a perfect example of word of mouth marketing. Every time you click the like button on something, your friends see it. If they have never heard of it before they get curious as to why you are “liking” it and viola’. You have another potential customer. I have been using this form of marketing for a long time now and highly recommend it.

Four more days

Four more days and then life can go back to normal for a while. I am looking forward to Christmas day and seeing the family, but I will be glad the craziness of holiday shopping will be over. The malls are packed, as are all of the Walmart and other big store of that nature. People are short of time and patience and it is very telling. I was happy that I only had to pick up a couple of things when I went out today. Even still, the lines were unbelievable. It took me an hour to get in and out of the Walmart and I didn’t even have a cart full of stuff. I think I will have a nice soak tonight.

Keeping My Son From Losing His Things

I really love my child, but my son keeps losing his things. Somehow he managed to misplace his jacket at school, and this was not the first time that he did something like this either. He also managed to lose his shoes. How does a person lose their shoes? The answer to that question still escapes me to this day, and it really does not matter because it happened. What I need to do now is focus on trying to prevent him from losing his things. This is starting to get rather expensive!

I sat down and had a long drawn out talk with my son, but we all know how that goes. I am not even sure if he was listening to me. For some reason, kids seem to have this natural ability to tune their parents out. I don’t remember doing this to my parents, but I think I must have. It must be some kind of built in defense mechanism. Then it dawned on me. I needed to start using name labels for kids. This may not prevent my son from losing his things, but it certainly would make it a lot easier to find the items that he keeps losing.

With a label, I would not need to depend on my son to not lose his things. I could handle every single bit of it myself, and all I needed was something as simple as a label. So now it was up to me to find a label that I could use to label everything that my son owned. I had a plan.

Luckily I did not have to look very far. I found stuck on you and They had a wide assortment of great labels that I could choose from. Now it was only a matter of getting a bunch of labels and adding the everything that my son owned.

DIY no sew dress

I found this awesome video that is a DIY for making a no sew off the shoulder dress. Not only can you make it yourself, but it costs under five dollars. I am going to start posting DIY videos to help everyone find these neat projects. I am going to buy some material and stuff to make myself this dress for the New Years celebration that is just over a week away. I know that it is going to look amazing. Hope you like this video.

Dental practice valuation

My best friend has to check out the dental practice valuation of two practices that are being sold. The dentists are retiring and ready to sell. It is her job to find out what the over all value is for each business before a price can be set for them. She has a lot of stuff to take into consideration with each business, so they can get a fair market value. The amount of patients the doctor has, their management, fees, reputation, and location are all important. There are other thing as well, but you get the general idea. I think her job is pretty interesting. I wouldn’t mind doing something like that myself. Who knows, maybe I will change careers.


Gosh it got cold really quick! The other day we didn’t even need a jacket or sweater, today it is so cold you need hats and gloves as well as your heavy winter coat. This is the reason I have come down with this cold. When the weather goes back and forth dramatically, it make it difficult for my body to keep up. The kids tend to have the same problem as well, more so then I do actually. It isn’t often that I get sick. I just hope that it stays the way it is now and doesn’t get any worse, or I will be laid up in bed for a few days.