Cooling off the night

One of the best parts of the summertime is being able to enjoy a nice refreshing cup of ice cream before bed.  Nothing is more satisfying than to be able to take one spoonful after the next of my favorite ice cream and not feel guilty.  They have some excellent low fat andlow calorie ice creams on the market.

A favorite flavor of mine is mint chocolate chip.  I just love the combination of mint and chocolate together.  This ice cream reminds me so much of the candy, Andes mints.  When the night is hot the refreshing coolness of the mint mixed with chocolate allows my body to be fooled into being cooler then it really is.  Either way, all I know is that it works!

If I had to choose a second favorite flavor of ice cream then I would have to say peanut- butter and chocolate.  These two flavors in any combination equal pure bliss.  Tonight is kind of sticky and warm.  Since I have the air conditioning on than I think eating a bowl of ice cream is in order.  Now, to decide which flavor…


Wicked Weather

Lately the weather has been so nasty.  The Northeast has received a few thunderstorms that are as violent as usually seen later in the summertime.  Instead, these thunderstorms that bring hail and winds have arrived earlier.  People have begun to put in their vegetable and flower gardens and to have such severe weather puts a little bit of fear and worry in the farmer’s heads.  Folklore states that poor man’s fertilizer is lightning.  This is fine except that all too often most recently the thunder has been accompanied by wind, heavy rain and hail.

Another part of the country that has received massive amounts of rain is the mid-west.  Major flooding had begun in the Dakotas, stranding hundreds of people.  The pictures the media displays on t.v. is so tragic.  The snow is nearly melted in most areas, thank goodness!  The damage would be much worse if there were still mountains of snow present.  I surely hope the waters begin to receed soon.  No one deserves such hardships.


One invite too many

About a month ago I received a bridal shower invitation to a bridal shower I was hoping I would not have to attend.  The reason for this is because my connection is to the groom not the bride. Therefore, my level of excitement is non- existent.

I contemplated just not attending and sending a gift card instead however; I would feel   really guilty if I did this course of action.  The second biggest
problem I have with attending this shower is that I am going to be surrounded by strangers and only a few people I am familiar with.  I do not enjoy being placed in an environment that makes me uncomfortable unless it is necessary.  This situation is unnecessary.   For this one time I am going to just “buck
it up” and make the best of the party.  I know it will make the bride happy and I would want some “stranger” to do this for me.