Wally World

I just got back from wally world and geez it was expensive. Why it that whenever you go to Walmart, you can’t walk out of there without spending three hundred dollars. That is what today’s trip cost me. Two hundred dollars worth of groceries and a hundred for two pairs of shoes and two pairs of pants. Unbelievable. Well now that everything is put away, I can concentrate on work and get a few things done. There is the ever present laundry that I always have to do, plus a few household chores as well.

I was unable to get the boots my son wanted as they didn’t have his size. He was not happy about it. They were one size bigger, but I wasn’t about to buy them and have them flopping all over the place when he plays. The lady said that they should have some more in this coming week, so I will have to go back and check. Anyway, I have stuff to do. Later gators!

Bar Rescue on Spike TV

One of my favorite TV shows that are on these days is called Bar Rescue. It stars Jon Taffer, who has been in the bar rescuing business for many years and can brag that he has saved over 800 bars during this time.

Mr Taffer gets a bit upset with many of the bar owners, blasts them from one end of the room to the other, which breaks them down to get them to realize the errors of their ways. Then he spends the remainder of his time training, grooming and rebuilding their bar along with their confidence.

A good amount of these bars have dance floors but they don’t seem to attract many dancers. Poor sound systems that need an update along with a new sound reflector or two and some new decor can make or break a good dance club. I would love to visit at least one of his bars that he has redone, especially one of the ones that have dancing!

I hope that Bar Rescue manages to stay around for a good long while. It always seems that the good ones don’t stick around very long.

Throwing Stones

A friend of mine today had a huge rock hit her windshield on the way into work.  The noise it made sounded just like a gunshot she told me.  She was quite shaken when she got to work.  I told her that sometimes they can fill these holes without replacing the windshield.  She did not know that.

I gave her the number to a local company and after she got off the phone with them she told me that they could fill it and it most likely would not cost her a dime.  I thought that her term “dime” was funny because she had described the size of the pit in the windshield as the size of a dime.  Anyways, she was going to have it replaced later today and I was happy for her because who really wants to pay to put a whole new windshield in when it could cost you nothing to have it filled.  Apparently a lot of the insurance companies are allowing “pits” to be filled at not cost to the insured.  Finally a few insurance companies out there aren’t taking all of out money!


I have to have music to clean to. It helps me to clear my mind and get everything I need to done. My music usually depends on my mood. Sometimes I like to listen to Country music, but other times it is either R&B or Hard Rock.

If I am in a bad mood it is definitely the Hard Rock. The harder, the better. Some of my favorite artists include; Colt Ford, Luke Bryan, Metallica, Nikkie Manaj, and more. I like just about all genre’s of music, with the exception of polka. I am definitely not a polka person.

Dating Happens For Free

Can’t believe Wendy met so many great guys on our ski trip and I came up empty. Although that lawyer from LA was really nice, he was very very married and I’m not going there!

While I’ve got clothes in the dryer, I thought I would surf the net for the online dating sites. Then I ran across a site that reviews all the popular ones and gives you the basic info so you can zero in on the right site to meet your own needs or interest. Each one has a different approach to the methods and the processes to find the right special someone.

I thought about reading through some profiles or ads on a personal ad services site tonight – just to see if anyone looked worth contacting and maybe getting to know a little better. Not all of these dating sites let you do that.

I ended up choosing. I like that it is free, with no charges to send and/or to receive any messages sent. Being able to post Up to 30 photos on your profile page is a great plus as well. We’ll see how that works out! And I’ll keep you posted from time to time.

Mark Your House

There are certain things I think a house should have as part of being a responsible home owner. One of these things are house plaques. There are multiple reasons why I can think a home owner should invest in a house plaque. One of these main reasons is for emergency purposes. When a home owner has a medical emergency or some other type of emergency the personnel from the responding agencies must be able to find the home. This becomes a huge challenge when there is no mail box or numbers on the house. When emergency personnel cannot find the house with the emergency lives can be compromised and may even parish. This is why putting a house plaque on your home is so important.

Other options exist if the homeowner does not want to put a fancy house plaque on their home. Address numbers are much less expensive and still have the ability to save lives.  Address signs are another option. Either way this is a subject that should be given the time of day in order to prepare for any worse case scenario.