Cars, ugh

My son’s radiator blew up today while traveling on the highway at 60 miles per hour.  Antifreeze spewed everywhere, and the engine was steaming.  It was quite dramatic!  We added water and more antifreeze and radiator “Stop Leak” but the fluids were still pouring out of the bottom.  We ended up limping up the road, about 25 miles, stopping and letting the engine cool every so often and attempting to add more fluid.  Luckily, even though it took hours, and was very stressful,  we finally got it to a repair shop and left a note and the keys so that it can be repaired tomorrow.  Hopefully nothing too expensive!!

New Car

I want a new car.  I am currently driving my mother’s Honda since she is no longer able to drive. It’s not bad and has very low mileage and will probably last a long time.  It just has no pizzazz and I like a car that has a little flash.  I had a Camaro convertible in the past, now there is a car with much pizzazz but not very practical.    A few years ago there were several styles that I really liked particularly a Ford Focus and Hyundai Sonata.  Since then, however I have noticed that those body styles have changed a lot and are no longer as attractive to me.   Perhaps the body styles will change again next year and I’ll find something i like!

Fall Weather

It was rainy and cold today and everyone was complaining.  I love Fall.  I love the changing colors of the trees, and the cool air makes me feel calm.  I love layering clothes and layering blankets on the bed at night.  I like to drive to the mountains and pick apples.  I like planning and preparing Thanksgiving Dinner, truly one of my favorite meals.  I like decorating my yard for Halloween.  I have tomb stones lined up in front of my flower garden.  The neighborhood kids like them too!!  I like to rake leaves and come inside for a yummy cup of hot chocolate.    The only negative thing about Fall is that Winter follows – definitely my least favorite season!!

Road Rage

I consider myself a peace loving person but there is one situation I face daily that causes me a lot of stress and certainly some anger!  On my way home, there is an intersection with two lanes turning left and two turning right.  Drivers ride the left lane all the way down then pull into a right turning lane at the last moment.  I don’t mean one driver or two, I mean 95% of the drivers taking the left lane.  Even the local buses do it!  I wait patiently in bumper to bumper traffic in the right lane, I don’t understand why those drivers cannot.  When they try to get in front of me, I don’t let them.  I ride the bumper of the car before me and dare someone to cut in!  I have also honked my horn many times.  Once I get through this intersection I am fine!  I so want to ask these drivers WHY?  Why can’t they wait?  Why do they think it is ok to cut in?   I just don’t think people have manners anymore!!

Tragic Accident Last Night

If you are a fan of the Charlie Daniels Band, you will be sad to learn of an accident last night that claimed the life of his keyboard player, Taz. The CDB was gathering at their tour bus to leave for a concert at a county fair in Georgia when Taz was killed in a car accident en route to where the bus was parked.

Taz was a co-writer of one the CDB most famous songs, “The Devil Went Down to Georgia.” R.I.P. Joel ‘Taz’ DiGregorio.

Special Cakes

There are special cakes that bring back memories or help celebrate special holidays. For example, fruitcake is a classic Christmas cake.

My favorite cake of all time is a white layer cake with coconut frosting. But a close second in my favorite lineup is the red velvet cake. I love both of those!