A friend of mine was telling me about a weapons of mass destruction(WMD) conference is he going to be attending. I was interested to her more about this conference.  My friend is in law enforcement and tries to attend any possible classes that will help him advance his career. I would certainly think that this one will be a good one ot add to the list.

The WMD conference from what he tells me is going to cover the basics of planning and carrying out the plans of a WMD event. These events can be of any size and can escalate quickly.  It is important to grasp a handle on these events before they get out of control.  This conference even discusses the government’s top list of chemicals that may be used in a terrorist attack. The signs and symptoms along with treatment options are also explained.  I really think that he is going to enjoy this conference. I even think that I would enjoy it myself!

Clothing Growth Spurt

A couple of week ago I assisted one of my best friends with babysitting her God daughter.  Her God daughter is just a year old and boy, is she cute as a button.  Her name is Bella and she barely has any hair.  Her ears are pierced and stick out slightly.  I think this is what makes her so adorable.

Bella’s mother has a major fetish for clothing.  Ever since her daughter was born Bella’s mom has bought her every new piece of girls clothing that has come on the market.  She is one lucky little girl.  I only hope that one day she will grow up to appreciate all of the new and expensive accessories her parents have bought her.

I am amazed at how designer’s have adapted women’s clothing into mini baby versions.  Some have most definitely gone over the top.  One example is mini skirts and certain styles of dresses.  I think they have almost become to “sexy” for a little girl to wear.  What are these designer’s trying to prove?  These are little girls and babies.  We need to be protecting them instead of exploiting them.

All Inked Up

Inkgrabber.com is a good website from what I have viewed.  On this website I mostly looked at their Kodak products.  The Kodak Company has been around for many years.  I have always trusted Kodak including their printers.  I was excited to see that this website offers great deals on Kodak ink.

Printer ink cartridges can be so expensive.  At times I have wondered why they are so expensive.  After all, it is only ink.  Finding inkgrabber.com was a super find because I can now purchase Kodak ink cartridges for less than what I was paying before.  It is important to me to stay with the Kodak brand and inkgrabber.com has a very user friendly website with plenty of Kodak brand items including Kodak printer ink.  In the future I plan to stay with the Kodak brand.  This website has shed new light on an old company.  I was glad to be exposed to their website.  I will be sure to pass along a good word for inkgrabber.com.

Sunshine Law

I recently went to the state of Florida on a business trip.  The weather was absolutely beautiful.  There was nothing but sunshine and I would say that the temperature was about 75 degrees.  In other words perfect!  As I was lounging in my beach chair I picked up a copy of the local newspaper.  I happened to just open the paper to the wanted section.  I couldn’t believe the size of one of the  ads.  It was advertising a florida criminal attorney.  That ad must have cost a fortune to place.

Nearly parallel to this ad I saw another wanted ad for a florida defense lawyer.  This time the size was amazingly smaller than the previous ad I had looked at.  Obviously this ad would have cost less to place but what I cannot understand is why would this lawyer spend less than the other on a business advertisement?  Does this lawyer make less than the other?  Does this lawyer not need the business as badly as the other?  The answers to these questions will remain a mystery.  There could be multiple reasons why there is a difference but one thing is for sure is that I will not be too excited to leave this spot in the sand.

Cold Snap

The weather across the Northeast is going to be turning extremely bitter in the next few weeks.  Canada is going to be sending a large cold front South and placing the residents of the Northeast into a freeze.  Generally weather in the Northeast is cold in the month of January. However, it is not always this cold. 

Frigid is a great way to explain the weather condition that these poor residents will be facing shortly.  People need to keep an eye on their pipes and walkways.  Frozen pipes can be a big headache but slipping on the front porch can pose more than just a headache.  The best place pets and people during these frigid weeks is indoors by the fireplace.

Beautiful blooms

This year I plan on having as many window box planters as I can possibly afford.  Window boxes can be quite expensive.  The amount of time and money spend on each window box can add up to hundreds of dollars in the end.  There are multiple ways a person can be frugal and still have beautiful blooms.

A decorative planter can be made out of nearly any type of material.  Plastic and wood are quite popular options used as a base for an arrangement.  Other ideas can be as simply as a recycled food container or an antique mental container.  Recycled and older containers can easily be spruced up with a little paint or embellishments.  Surprisingly, these small touches can make the used container look like a high end planter.  A person’s neighbors will never know the difference once you fill these planters with some beautiful blooms.  What the neighbors will be looking at is the color and density of what is in the boxes.  No doubt you will receive compliments and even be asked perhaps how your container was constructed.


I just heard on the news some interesting information regarding the Republic of Yemen.  Yemen, found in the Middle East is a country with several ties to the act of terrorism.  These ties expand far beyond the Asian continent.  The United States is very much a target for the terrorist infiltrating this country.

The last two attacks against the United States have originated in Yemen.  They are by far the most threatening force against the United States and the West.  This country has been able to lure individuals to their country to train in order to attack other territories.  This country has hundreds of square miles of deserts and multiple sea ports that allow for easy access for travel and concealment.  The government has very little power outside of it’s capital.  This makes training and concealment in the mountains/ deserts an excellent option.

Americans are not welcome in Yemen or in the region for that matter.  Some of their leaders have stated that if we kill them than they will kill us and I have no doubt that this is true.  I would even say that this is a promise from them.

New leadership

My state recently obtained a new governor, much like many other states.  This new governor has not even been in his position one month and we experienced a major blizzard.  This caused for a lot of complaints after the storm had passed.

During the storm, multiple businesses and agencies shut down early in an attempt to allow their employees a safe travel home.  While many of these retail stores and other places of business closed early, the state did not.

The governor received a great deal of flack for this.  The previous administration would have ordered a release.  The running joke now is that our state is able to tell we are under new administration – because the state employees are forced to remain at work during a storm.

A Thanksgiving Treat

The Author of this post is Solomon Dejesus

While I knew that Thanksgiving was going to be great, what I didn’t know was that I was going to be heading out and about for Thanksgiving. Thankfully I didn’t have to go very far and my in-laws house was not the stop that we would be making. For the first time ever my wife and I had been invited to our friends home for Thanksgiving and their house was located close by to ours which meant that I would not miss a minute of the action on the football field.

When we reached our friends home we could already smell the aroma of turkey wafting out of the open window before we even got into the home. We knew that the meal was going to be great, but we were not sure how great of a meal we were going to be in for until we sat down at the table. When her husband carved the turkey we could see how juicy the breast meat was with the juices pouring out of it. Then taking the first bite we were in heaven as we could think about nothing other than the wonderful meal we were sharing.

As we headed home that night my wife reminded me that that we needed to disarm the system when we got home. That is when I remembered that before we left the house she had set the Home Security Systems to ensure the house would be safe when we arrived home.

Fun Family Time

Guest post written by Vince Walton

College football season is coming to an end, and I must say that I am a little disappointed about that fact. My son and I have really enjoyed watching a good amount of the games together. We both went to the University of North Carolina together and we’ve kept up with every UNC game this season. We’ve had a chance to go to a few of the games together, and we’ve gotten together at the house to watch all of the broadcasted games. It’s nice having that bond with my son. We are both very proud of our alma mater and it’s safe to say that we are both lifelong Tar Heel fans.

While watching the last couple games together, I’ve noticed that I need a new pair of hearing aids. I’ve been looking at new Hearing Aid technology online, and I believe it’s finally time for an upgrade. I need to be making sure I catch all the calls when watching the games on TV. I’m glad my son and I have these games to share together. It’s great to have been a part of the same university!