Went off without a hitch

Of course it did, because I planned it all. Our Memorial Weekend festivities were amazing as always. Two days of fun in the sun and one day of down time to recuperate. The last day I HAD to have after all of the work I did putting it all together.

We spent Saturday at the local park that has a skate park and various other entertainments available for the kids and adults. There was live music playing, so I figured it would be a great place for us to all get together. Of course I had to get up a five am to be there by six am and make sure we got a good spot near the bandstand. I was able to even get a pavilion for us.

Sunday we all went out on the boats, and jet ski’s. We had a spot along the river where we BBQ’d and enjoyed ourselves immensely. A good time was had by all.

Monday I didn’t bother to get out of my pj’s and told everyone that they were on their own for breakfast and lunch. We had plenty of left over’s to use for dinner, so I was able to just heat up that stuff with a minimum of effort.

I told me sister that the next holiday weekend is HER’S to coordinate. I want to relax and have fun like everyone else without being a military Sargent the whole time. Good luck sis!

(it actually took me most of the week to recuperate) lol

Coordinating everyone is a pain

I am not sure how it always come to me to coordinate all of our family holiday weekend activities, but it does. When did the scepter pass from my mother to me? I am sure that I did not ask for this, let alone agree to take it. Somewhere along the way, I was tricked into it I am sure.

I thought perhaps it was because I have to coordinate with my in-laws, but that can’t be it. I know this because I end up having to coordinate with my siblings in-laws, as well as my hubby’s sibling’s in-laws. WTH? I am sure there is an evil little leprechaun somewhere laughing his butt off. -.-

Birthday celebration for my oldest

Well he turns fourteen this year and I am trying to plan an awesome party for him. He want’s to invite a bunch of friends and I have to figure out something that is age appropriate for them to do. If I make it too cutesy he will no be happy, but I have to stay within my budget as well.

I am thinking about a paintball party. There is a paintball field near here and they rent out the guns and gear right there at the field. I called them to ask about party prices and they are relatively good price wise.

However, the parents all have to sign a waiver to allow them to play and I don’t think all of the parents will be attending. I wonder if I can get the permission slips before hand and have them fill them out. Not sure if that will work, but it is worth a try.

What an amazing weekend

We had a Mother’s Day BBQ and the guys did all of the cooking and cleaning up. The kids pitched in and helped as well, but to see my father, hubby and father-in-law, all trying to please us women was so amazing. I have the greatest family ever. We women decided to make sure that their Father’s Day is just as awesome for them next month. Maybe we will send them on a fishing trip or something. We will have to decide later.

Happy Mother’s Day

I know it is a little early, but I wanted to wish everyone a Happy Mother’s Day now, just in case I forget or get busy. I know that my weekend will be busy with my own children, plus my mother and mother-in-law. So here’s to all you awesome mothers out there! Keep up the good work. =)

Mother's Day