Nearly a short circuit

Yesterday, I had two sets of fuses trip in my house. I was very surprised! I have a brand new house and couldn’t have imagined that I could overload the circuit in two different areas of the house at two different times. One was totally unexplained but the other I guess was caused by the small little vacuum I was using. And when I say small vacuum, I really mean like a supped –up dust buster.

This has never happened before and I really was unsure of what to do. I decided to call up my better half and ask. He said I needed to go to the electrical box. I did and again to my surprise every room was neatly labeled in the box. How convenient I thought to myself. So I just flipped the switch back over to the “on” position and I was back in business. Later that evening when I came home to find the same thing had happened but in the kitchen, I knew just what to do! I repeated the same steps and it was like magic. I felt quite self- sufficient and figured a day is never wasted when you learn something new!


Currently, I am thinking about redecorating my kitchen.  I am considering a lodge/ mountainous theme with pinecones, deer and moose.  I absolutely fell in love with this theme ever since I saw it on the internet. 

The best part of this theme is that it will be easy to transfer it over to the adjoining living room.  I plan on slowly adding pieces of this theme to my house.  The accessories I have seen with this theme are very expensive; otherwise you end up with what I consider “cheesy” merchandise.  Adding these pieces slowly will give me a greater appreciation for everything once it all comes together.

New Cereal

While shopping the other day I saw the new honey bunches of oats “raisin medley” cereal.  I thought it was about time this company came out with a variety with raisins in it.  I love raisins in my cereal.  They are very healthy for you.

I decided to pick up a couple of boxes and give it a try.  I was pleasantly surprised!  The raisins were actually soft and mixed with the bunches it was delicious.  The only complaint I have that not only this cereal but others has a s well is the fact that they tend to get soggy after five minutes of sitting in milk.  Now, I don’t know about you but I hate a soggy rice or corn flake!  If there was only some way to fix this problem.  Less milk?

Rising Food

I was in the grocery store the other day and had a huge wake-up call.  The prices of groceries have sky rocketed.  I was amazed that a bag of sugar is now up to three dollars.  Flour surprisingly has not increased it was still only a couple of bucks.  Fruit and vegetables have also gone up in price.  The cost to eat healthy is soon going to be impossible.  The government wants Americans to reevaluate our diets and start to eat healthier but with the cost of food rising Americans will not be able to.  The end result will be the continuation of obesity in America.

Unfortunately,  it is not only food that is increasing.  The cost of cotton is also rising.  Therefore the cost of clothing will start to go up and even the cheapest brands will no longer be inexpensive.  I wonder what the end result of this will be?  Will there be an increase of thrift shops?  Will thrift shops be forced to increase their prices on clothing?

Cabin Fever

About this time of year I start to get “cabin fever.”  The winter is so long where I live and it seems like the spring/ summer seasons are too short.  I have to find ways about this time to entertain myself so that I do not lose my mind. 

Winter sports have never really been popular with me.  I prefer to go outside and play when the weather is warmer and there are more creatures alive than dead/ sleeping.  One of the things that I like to do when the roads are not treacherous is to take a drive to a large shopping center or mall and browse through the spring/ summer activities equipment.  Sometimes I even go and visit a local greenhouse.  I think this weekend I will go visit my local greenhouse.  They are having an orchid expo that ought to be nice and cheerful. I like to think that I have a green thumb for orchid propagation but in reality I could use a few tips.  I am sure that my greenhouse will be able to fix me right up with some good advice.

Daily deals

Everyday there is an opportunity to make, take or change and existing offer.  Offers come in all shapes and forms.  From personal to professional offers there is one probably available to you right now.

Today’s offer is going to be a chance to make multiple people happy for Valentine’s Day.  I am going to check out the website www.offers.comto see what I can find for Valentine specials.  Valentine’s Day is the perfect way to not only make a person’s day a little more special but another opportunity to show the people in your life how much you care about them.  Holidays in general appear to be notorious for this.  Valentine’s Day in particular is no different with all of the chocolates, flowers and stuffed animals offered for purchase.

I was in a large department store yesterday and could not believe that they had stuffed animals available for $40.  I had to take  a double look.  In my opinion, this is an absolute waste of money.  That stuffed animal will be appreciated for about a week and then will be added to the summer lawn sale pile.  What a shame.  Personally, I think giving a card is the best way to show the Valentine’s in your life you care.  A $5 card is much cheaper than a $40 stuffed animal and will not end up at a yard sale come spring time.

The Grammys

The Grammy Awards are fast approaching.  I am pretty excited about this.  Last years was incredibly interesting in my opinion.  Lady Gaga wore an outfit that looked like a large piece of meat.  This was interesting but I thought a bit overboard.  I know that fashion industry a lot to offer and I wonder why she picked such an outfit over everything else?

Besides the fashion statement there is usually some outstanding performances as well.  Rhianna and Eminem performed together and I thought they did a good job.  I thought their performance represented multiple relationship troubles some people face.  The song was very moving.  Both artists have become poster children of domestic violence and this song certainly portrayed this aspect.  Singing about this topic is very important because so many deal with it on a daily basis.  I think that it is possible to change a person’s life through music and this song is no different.