Martha Stewart

Recently I was watching some old episodes of the Martha Stewart Living show. The one that I particularly enjoyed was the one where she featured animals that have been know to possess high IQ.  This was a fascinating segment.  I was surprised to see this type of topic on her show.  To my knowledge Martha Stewart rarely features animals on her shows.

During this particular segment she featured camels, parrots and multiple other animals found in Madagascar.  The animals featured from Madagascar were mostly from the Marsupial family.  The parrot featured was able to tell the differences between shapes and colors.

The part of the Marsupial family of animals that makes them super intelligent are their tails.  As for the camels I cannot recall what their “specialty” was.  All I recall from the camels was that the camels with one hump are from the Middle East while camels with two humps are traditionally found in China.

Swim Suit Blues

It seems that every year I do battle and a losing battle at that, against weight gain. I know that since I turned 30 it has been an uphill struggle and now that the swim suit season is here it has just become a all out war.

I have dedicated myself to losing weight and fitting into the same swim suit that I wore last year, lets hope that this is a battle that I win this year. The swim suit I wore last year is stunning and I want to be able to fit in it again, soon.


Keeping Track

Recently, my grandmother obtained a new pulse oximeter.  She had always wanted one and had been looking for a good price.  Years ago pulse oximeters were quite expensive.  These were the days when it was nearly unheard of to have any time of health care personnel’s equipment at your home for personal use.

Today, the trend is growing for preventative maintenance of a person’s health.  Doctor’s are encouraging their patients to keep track of certain levels in order to remain healthy or to track changes when they are not seeing their doctor.  Patients are also much more educated in the field of medicine thanks to the Internet.

I am fairly confident that doctors are not impressed with what the Internet is telling their patients about health conditions.  The Internet has a lot out there and it is not all good.  The Internet with regard to personal diagnosis of health problems can just mean building a wedge between you and your doctor.  It is important to remember to always follow your doctor’s advice and never try to self diagnose.  This can be extremely dangerous.  Just leave that to the professionals.

Yet Another Doctor Appointment Today

My littlest guy is sick AGAIN! I am taking him to the doctors in a couple of hours. I hope that whatever it is that keeps coming back on him can be found and fixed. He is just miserable. I hate it that he keeps getting sick. One week he is throwing up and the next it is a cold.

He never got sick like this until he started Kindergarten. Now it is all the time. I am not happy about it and seriously considering calling the school board about it. The people who clean the classrooms are not doing their jobs well enough, and they really need to have the kids either wash their hands after recess or give them hand sanitizer to use, considering they go to the lunchroom right after recess.

All of the germs that are on the playground equipment that is shared with all the kids in the school are being taken with them to eat lunch, which is mainly finger foods. I will be making a few phone calls about this after I talk to the doctor.

Slow Moving Today

I must not have slept very well last night, because I am moving really slow this morning. It is almost noon and I haven’t gotten anything done yet. I woke up late, the kids are still sleeping and all I have accomplished is a shower and to make the coffee. Wow, that is so unlike me. I am usually up and at em first thing in the morning. I know that change to Daylight Savings Time is part of the reason my body takes a while to get used to the mandatory time change that most of us deal with twice a year.

I noticed that the other day when I stopped into Walmart to grab a few things for our trip to the creek that there are a ton of summer clothes on the racks. Reminded me that summer is just around the corner and the kids really need some new summer clothes. They say that this will be a killer summer, with a lot of high temperature days and a lot of humidity, sigh…

Anyway…I have a few things that have to be done today, but other then that, I will be taking it easy other than spending some time online looking for some deals on the much needed summer wardrobes. I hate shopping at the local box stores and try not to shop there except when I have no other options. There are so many promotions to be found online, no need to go out and spend my time fighting the crowds and the attitudes that go along with all of that. Besides just about everyone shops there and I like having my kids wearing clothes that can’t be found here in town.

One of my favorite websites  they have the cutest fashions for both girls and boys that are extremely affordable, especially when you can take advantage of the promotions, discounts, vouchers and/or coupons that they make available to their online customers. I always look for free shipping. These fees can add up quickly if not taken into consideration while adding items into your virtual shopping cart that they provide, as most websites do these days. There is nothing worse than taking your time to select items, add them to your cart and then find out that the shipping and handling costs have added up to more than your budget can handle.


Another Friend Moving

I have great news. I have always been very aware that I live in a transient area. Many folks move in and out of this area, mostly for jobs. I have another good friend who is moving to Connecticut. She got a great job in New York and plans to do the daily commute by train so that she can live in a quiet country home while working in a Big Apple job.

Luckily, while making her plans she found Connecticut International Movers. I am sure she’ll make great money, and I’m envious of the country lifestyle she will also be able to maintain while having a great job. She has found a great old house with a wonderful yard, high ceilings, and crown molding in all the rooms.

Moving to a different state takes a lot more work than moving across town. She had to do a lot of research on Connecticut Moving Companies. Moving close by you can get away with throwing clothes into trash bags, moving several states away requires you to be a lot more organized. It would be embarrassing to hire a company and have a bunch of dark bags.

I am sorry for myself that I am again losing a close friend. I guess a positive way to look at this is that I’ll have more places to visit and vacation.