Good Bye Vern

Country legend Vern Gosdin passed away this week, his was a voice that if you heard it once you never forgot it again. He had a major stroke a couple of days ago and passes away  yesterday.  The world of country music will be one singer short now. I loved his music and had always wanted to see him sing in concert but by the time I had moved to Nashville he was not doing concetrs as much so i missed out on seeing one of the true legends of country music.

The big one

I am not a huge fan of NASCAR racing but I do watch a couple of the races. The first race of the year at Daytona and the spring race at Bristol is great too. Let me add one more to my list, the race yesterday at Talladega was fantastic, they always have at least one “Big One” and yesterday they had a couple of big ones, the crash on the final turn may of been the most fantastic wreck I have ever seen I know I have not been watching racing all that long but it was amazing, I hope the folks that were injured in the crowd are all right. I heard that 2 of them had to be air lifted to the hospital. It was amazing.

Busy day

In the morning the streets of Nashville will be filled with runners in the Country Music Marathon. I am not enough of an athlete to try and run a marathon, I do try to run in some of the 5K runs they have here, a lot of them are for a great cause. I ran in the Womens Heath run here last year and had a great time. The Nashville Predators had a great 5K this year and I plan to run in that one again next year. Tomorrow I just plan to stay out of downtown and out of the way of the 35,000 runners in the marathon.

Abby is headed to Broadway

My wonderful sister has given me the most perfect birthday present, Broadway tickets to a show in June, I love my sister and I love the fact that she really knows exactly what I wanted for my birthday this year. She will be going with me to the show and I can not think of a better partner to attend this great show. She got our discount tickets at Broadways Best Shows. Broadways Best Shows has a lot of nice information on the Broadway shows and that made picking the show we will be going to much easier for me.

Broadways Best Shows had many to pick from everything from musicals to classic Broadway plays, I have chosen to go see Hair, this is a play that I have always wanted to see and now is my chance. Broadways Best Shows has a very nice newsletter you can sign up for to recieve emails on upcoming show and best of all you can recieve further discounts to the Broadway show you want to go to, and that is a huge plus in these hard economic times.

I can not wait for June to get here this will be a trip that we will remember for the rest of our lives, and I can not stand the waiting.


When I went to the doctor last week I found out that I had lost 20 pounds and all I have changed in my diet is the fact that I try and eat a bowl of oatmeal every morning. I do this to aid my digestion and to help keep my cholesterol down at a manageable level. It is working to keep my weight down too an added plus to my morning ritual. I still crave a huge breakfast but my bowl of oatmeal holds me until lunch time and that has made losing weight very easy to me.


As we get deeper into spring time we get more and more wildlife near our house. Yesterday we got our second squirrel in the house. This one was easier to get back outside than the first one. I chased him/her downstairs and right out the open back door. The first one was a bigger chase and the main problem is keeping the dogs from getting it. Jack Russell Terriers have a great hunting gene and it kicks in when they get close to wildlife. Lets hope the word gets spread to the rest of the critters to stay out of the house.


Our grass is growing so fast we almost have to cut it twice a week right now. I am glad that our yard is small only when it comes to cutting the grass. The rest of the time I wish we had a huge lawn for the dogs and kids to play in. Right now we are over run with the yellow flowers of the dandelions in our front yard. I have been trying to keep them picked but they grow faster than I can get them picked. I wish we had a goat to help keep the weeds down sometimes but then I think of the mess you would have to clean up and I will stick with dogs, kids and a lawnmower.


Today a big earthquake hit a place that you almost never hear about earthquakes, Italy almost never get hit with earthquakes. The last report I saw had 91 people killed and over 1500 hurt, the most hurt in a quake in Italy in over 30 years. Lets hope the rest of the missing folks are found alive and unhurt and keep the good people of Italy in your thoughts and prayers today.

New truck

This spring I will be in the market for a new truck, I have about driven the wheels off of all the vehicles we have now. I want a new Ford pickup but that does not work real well in our delivery business and I will wind up with a SUV that is more useful than a pickup is. I really like the Chevy Tahoe that we have and it has been a great truck for us. We have made a lot of trips in it and it has always worked well for us in our delivery business. I hate looking for a new vehicle that is time I could spend on something else.