Fire season

As summer comes to a close, every year they have a very bad fire season in the western part of the United States. Now they have fires starting in California and Arizona. When I lived in Arizona every year we would have fires on Mount Graham, most were caused by lightning strikes but a few by discarded cigarettes or badly managed camp fires. I could never see having a fire so big that it was in danger of getting away from us when we went camping. Lets hope they get the fires under control very quickly and no more fires are started this year.

New music

Let me say right up front that I really hate most of the new music that is on the market right now. Give me the old stuff any day and I am a happy girl. I love when the great old groups go on a concert tour and one will be here in Nashville in September. Bruce Springsteen is an act that I have never seen before and I can not wait for his concert here it is close enough to my birthday that I have given myself tickets for my birthday and I can not wait to hear Bruce and the E Street band in concert.

School zone

I forgot that school was starting and like an idiot I got a speeding ticket. I was on the phone and just plain forgot that they had school for a half day today. It has been a long time since I got any tickets so i will just pay the fine and go about my business, of course I lost about an hour dealing with the cop and getting the ticket so I will have to make that time up this weekend at work. It was a silly mistake and I will slow up now, at least in the school zones I will.


I can not believe that next week school starts again. When I was a child we did not start school until just before Labor Day, and that was way to early for me, most of the time any way.

I can honestly say that I did not like school at all and would rather be outside working or playing instead of learning. I was a bit ahead of my classmates in most subjects, I in fact had read the text book in most subjects by the third week of school. I was bored most of the time and it is a wonder I learned anything at all.