Fresh Air

Finally warmer weather has arrived in time to start sleeping with the windows open.  I wait all year long for the first goodnight’s sleep with the window open.  I always sleep better with the window open.

One of the reasons and in particular the most important reasons are due to the melodic music heard in the night.  Crickets are the most common noise heard but if you listen closely the sounds of the loons and bullfrogs along with the gentle breeze can be heard.  These sounds are delightful and are one thing that city folk cannot begin to understand unless they experience them first hand.

Another reason is for the fresh country air.  The air in the country is very different from the city.  Some may say that the air is different because of the melodic sounds described earlier.  Others simply say that it is due to pollution or lack of pollution.  Either way the best medicine for a goodnight’s sleep is the fresh country air with the band of bullfrogs playing in the background.

New Summer Salad

Last night I made this new pasta salad recipe I found.  I was hesitant at first but one the dressing was added to the pasta and veggies it was in one word, amazing.  The dressing was considerably involved with a ton of ingredients but once they were all blended it made for a creamy, yet zesty dressing.  Again, it was amazing.

The name of the salad was actually what intrigued me because it was based off of a salad served at one of my favorite restaurants. The pasta salad is called “Hooter’s Pasta Salad.”  For a chain restaurant I did not expect to have the salad be so elaborate in seasoning. The pasta used was also what made it special.  The tri-colored vegetable pasta is what is called for.  This kind of pasta absorbs the dressing well.  I highly recommend this salad at the next family or friends BBQ. It is sure to be a huge hit!

Mother’s Day Recap

Mother’s Day this year was so special.  For once in a number of years I had a ton of plans.  I love having plans on the holidays even if they are not major ones.

This year I will be attending to family BBQs.  I really enjoy BBQs as well, especially with the family.  For both events I have volunteered to bring a dish.  When it comes to cooking for a BBQ, my talents really emerge. One of them will have a potato salad while the other will have a fruit torte.  The fruit torte is truly going to be a masterpiece.  This is an expensive treat to make but it is worth it when all is said and done.

Before I leave for these gatherings I also have to be sure that my gifts to the mother’s are wrapped and ready.  This year’s shopping was easy because I spotted the perfect gift for both of them a month in advance.  In one of my many gift catalogs I discovered a fairy toad house that I absolutely fell in love with.  I almost bought one for myself but decided that the expense of the two I was buying was expensive enough.  These Moms are going to fall in love with them too.  I can’t wait to see their faces when they open them.  The look
should match the look when they taste my dishes as well!

Family Jewels?

Yesterday, I read in my newspaper that a resident of Vienna Austria was working in his garden and stumbled upon some buried treasure. This must have been quite exciting for the gardener. It turns out that the jewelry that was found is over 650 years old.  My first question to this finding is why were they buried?

Multiple explanations can be said for such discoveries. Perhaps the owner of these jewels had to bury them for fear that they would be stolen.  Or maybe the keeper of the jewels had stolen them and was trying to hide them for future use?  Either way I personally wouldn’t mind finding some jewels in my backyard. I am not sure what I would do with them or if I would report it to officials. Maybe I would sell them. If the jewels are found on my property either way then I say “finder’s keepers.”

Pool Time

Summertime is quickly approaching and I have been dreaming about investing in a pool.  Water is very therapeutic and the thought of owning my own is becoming increasingly more difficult from year to year.  All of the catalogs advertise pools and pool supplies.  They make the pools look very appetizing.  The price on pools over the last few years has come down quite a bit.  I particularly have noticed the price on above ground pools has been reduced.

If I have to invest in a pool this year I do believe I will invest in an above ground pool.  They can be just as relaxing and enjoyable for all who come over to my place to BBQ. Many of my friends have above ground pools.  I can especially make the pool more appealing by landscaping the surrounding pool with flowers and a patio set.  I am very excited over the possibility that I might be floating in a nice turquoise blue pool with a cool drink in my hand and the sun providing me with an excellent tan.

Ice Sculptors

Recently, while flipping through the TV channels I found this really cool new show.  It is called Chainsaw Ice Sculptors.  They are some really talented people.  This has to be one of the more dangerous hobbies to have.

The artists on this show are very detailed oriented and create some really elaborate sculptures.  The sculpture they were
creating on this episode involved creating a horse and carriage with flowers frozen inside it.  These artists do multiple weddings and functions.  I imagine the price for these creations is scaled fairly high.  The labor and skill involved is quite great and they earn every penny! I think it would be pretty neat to have one of these sculptures at one of my BBQs.  I will have to see if there is a local artist who does this kind of work.  The biggest worry will be the warm weather and the risk of having it melt too soon.  Either way it would be the hit of the party for a while.

Extra Coverage

Lately, I have been considering extended coverage on my vehicles.  Most are not brand new so their original extended warranty has run out.

Automobiles cost a great deal of money to repair nowadays.  Sometimes it is not a bad idea to protect yourself and your vehicle by keeping track of your auto warranty.  Often times I have seen the cost of a car repair be far more expensive then the cost of the warranty.  Therefore, purchasing the warranty was wroth it in the end even though it is usually a large sum up front.

Tomorrow I believe I will research a car warranty for at least one of my vehicles and then see if they can get me a deal on the rest of my vehicles.  If I buy in bulk maybe I can really save some money in the long run.  Vehicles are not build like they used to be and so the only way to ensure that your ride is going to cruise along for a while longer is to put some money up front on warranties.

Easter Presents

I received the cutest set of lamps and picture for Easter.  As I have mentioned before, my kitchen and living room motif has a woodland theme going on.  These lamps are the perfect for the living room because right now I have mismatching living room lamps.These lamps are in the shade of trees and each has three bears trying to climb up the tree in search of honey from a beehive.  There is a pot of honey at the bottom waiting for any collection.  The shade of the lamp is cool too.  It is textured like tree bark and has a leather lacing across the top and bottom, very rustic looking.  The picture looks like a painting.  There are four bears looking across a body of water at a camp site that has a tent pitched with a campfire.  It is nighttime so the moon is shining and the water just glows.

I hung the picture up and plugged the lamps in immediately.  Now, at night when I watch my television I can enjoy all three of them.  Those three little things set off a mood of relaxation and a true down- home feeling.


Gold has been around for thousands of years.  Just recently, I heard on the news that the demand for gold is increasing.  I especially saw this happening in the state of California.  The price of gold is on the rise.

The anchor on the evening news suggested that people start buying and stocking up on gold over cash.  According to the anchor the gold price is going to be worth ten times more than the monetary value of currency.  I am very surprised over this but I guess things change.

After hearing this news I think I will plan a trip to California and join the gold rush.  Perhaps I will strike some excellent gold prices and than be able to put it away for the future.   I have bever been to California so this will be a much needed vacation.  Let lady luck be with me or it is going to be a very sad trip home!