I noticed today that I better pick my beautiful hydrangea flowers before they fall of off the stem.  They starting to dry out outside.  They are pink and green in color and gorgous.

If I do not pick them soon not only will they fall of the vine outside but the color will fade.  I really like their two- tone color.  I plan to put them in a vase with water in a dark location.  When the water has evaporated I will be able to put them in the daylight.

The Dentist

I had a dentist appointment today.  I truly dislike going to the dentist.  My teeth are of great importance to me and I try my best to take good care of them.  However, I always seem to cringe when I have to go.

The other thing that makes me shy away from the dentist is the cost.  Dental work is so expensive!  A normal filling can cost upwards of $175!  Yikes!  This makes for a good incentive to take care of my teeth for sure.

Unsatisfactory service

Customer service is very important to me.  Good customer service even more so.  However, on a recent trip to a local Italian restaurant my guests and I received less than desirable service.

The restaurant knew it was a large party coming to eat dinner.  When we arrived we had two waitresses but as soon as they saw the number of people they had the restaurant decided we only needed one waitress.  A big mistake!   She was horrible.  Three- quarters of our orders were all wrong; providing meat in the dishes that asked for no meat and no meat where meat was ordered.  We had to ask for refills on all our drinks instead of the waitress noticing and refilling it automatically.  We also had to wait a half an hour for our bills.  The waitress had to re due our slips three times before they were right.  I was baffled by the whole experience and had spread the word about boycotting this establishment.  This comes after the owner even failed to mail me the restaurants apology as promised over the telephone.

Big Weekend

This weekend has been awesome!  Labor Day weekend is always a blast.  It is a chance to have an end of summer party.  It is a great time to enjoy the final days of warmer weather.

I had a lot of people over to my place this weekend.  We even let the children camp out in the backyard.  They always love this.  Sitting around the camp fire and reminiscing about past summer memories is perhaps the most enjoyable of all.