Pasta Tonight

With this cold weather and all this rain, I have a craving for comfort food. I think I will stop at the grocery on the way home and pick up what I need for a nice pasta dinner.

I especially want to get a loaf of fresh baked Italian bread. My favorite grocery bakes the bread right there at the store and it often goes on sale for 99 cents a loaf. I like to cut thick slices of the Italian bread and spread a garlic butter on it, then pop it under the broiler for about a minute to heat the bread and toast the edges. Sometimes I even toss some grated cheese on top of the bread before broiling it.

That garlic bread plus the pasta and a small green salad make a nice dinner.

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  1. I think my favorite pasta is three cheese tortellini. It is so easy to prepare and so yummy! And a small scoop of low fat ice cream with strawberries on top for dessert hits the spot!

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