The very best home video game ever is with out a doubt Tetris, we can sit and play it for hours at a time and have so much fun doing just that. We bought the game many years ago for our Playstation 2 and we still play it from time to time and even our 5 year Grandson plays it with us.

We have tried to find a game like it for the WII and have not found what we are looking for yet, but we will keep looking and I think we will find something close if they do not make a Tetris game for the WII.

Good Morning

Good morning peoples. Coffee was ready, the kids and my man are off to school and work, so I can start work early and get so much more done.

My new Keurig Coffee Machine has become my newest BFF! I can’t believe how quick and easy it has become to get a nice hot cup of coffee in approximately 3 minutes. Just look at how many flavors there are and I’m sure that there a plenty that aren’t pictured here. It seems that there are new and exciting flavors arriving each week at the stores that I go shopping at!

I am in the best of moods today. I have only some computer work and one load of laundry to do today. I scoured the house yesterday, and believe it or not, it is still clean. Hooray for me! Now on ward’s and upward today. Have an awesome day people, because I know I will.

Stupid Coffee Pot

I am so buying a new coffee pot, one that doesn’t have a decanter. I clean out the basket and it still gets stuck with something and over flows all over the counter top. So then I have coffee grounds in my coffee and have to strain it so I can drink it. That is so annoying to have to do first thing in the morning. I don’t wish this on anyone.

This time around instead of buying another coffee pot that looks and works just like the one before it, and the one before that and all the other ones that I have purchase throughout the years, I am buying a single coffee maker the Keurig B200 one cup coffee maker which is perfect for my needs and wants. These Keurig Coffee Makers are certainly getting more popular each and every day.

I seem to see them everywhere, even at my bank, who has been offering free coffee for their customers for many years now. Both of my sisters have one and my mother was given one for Christmas and has fallen in love with it.

I look forward to trying out all the different varieties of coffee, tea and all the other drinks that can be found on the grocery stores shelves. Pretty soon the whole Coffee/Tea aisle will be used only for those products!

Nice Quality Teak Furniture For Mother’s Porch

As I promised my mother I would, I have been spending some time looking at various outside wood furniture that she is seriously considering purchasing when she gets her tax refund that is expected to be direct deposited into her checking out any day now. My mother has always been the first person to file her taxes each year, while I tend to put if off as long as I possibly can. Each year I promise myself that I will be more organized with all of the paperwork that we all accumulate throughout the year that we need for filing our Federal and State taxes with Uncle Sam.

With all of the options of filing online these past couple of years has been a great opportunity for people to tackle this yearly task. But try as you might to deal with less paperwork there will always be papers and a decent filing system can make or break a person, sigh….

Mother has always wanted some good quality teak wood front and side porch furniture. But with the winters being so long and hard where we live it is a commitment when purchasing outside furniture. You can’t just stick it outside and ignore some type of maintenance every now and then. Nothing can withstand Mother Nature 24/7, 365, year after year. It only makes sense to take care of something that you have spent a chunk of change on, so that you can enjoy it for as long as possible. It seems a good cleaning for teak furniture tip is that a nice sealer can work wonders and teak wood is known for requiring less maintenance than most of the other wood types that are used for this type of outside furniture.

Fighting Kids

Oh today has been one of those days where the kids just cannot seems to get along. They are flat driving me up a wall. I have tried everything to get them to stop, but even sending them outside to play has not helped. The smallest one is very whiny and the older ones just keep antagonizing him. It is enough to drive a sane person completely nuts.

I am going to have to separate them soon, if for no other reason then to get some peace and quiet. I am even thinking of sending them to bed a little early. They are definitely not going to like that, as the weekends are when I allow them to stay up late. I do that for two reasons. The first reason is so that we can watch movies together and have our movie night. The second reason is so that they will sleep in a little longer and then I can sleep in longer as well. There is a method to my madness. Believe it. Now to go separate them again.