Back To School

Right now we are being over loaded with commercials about Back To School. All the supplies are on sale in an effort to make sure all of the little kiddies will have everything they need to wear and use while in school for the 2014-2015 school year.

It is hard to believe that in just a few short years we will be watching our daughter climb up the stairs that lead into the big yellow school bus. That bus will be taking her to school and away from our 24/7 watch. It will be exciting but scary for all of us, not something that I’m looking forward to at all.

school supply and school bus
Time For The School Buses

Sweet Emptiness

Eliminating and staying away from desserts and sweets can be a challenging task for many individuals.  For some reason the human body for most has a natural response to crave sugar. The strength of craving depends on the individual.  Some people have a need to eat something sweet after every meal. One option for a sweet treat is candy.

There is a variety of choices when it comes to candy. Everything from chocolate to sweet to sour. There literally is something for everyone. They say “variety is the spice of life” however, in this case I think perhaps our country has too many varieties.

Having all of these options makes obtaining the fill for a person’s craving too easy in my opinion. The United States has an obesity problem. Eating candy and sweets does not help shed the pounds. Desserts and candy are pure empty calories that leave an individual craving more, creating a vicious circle.

I Love Me

Once in a great while I will see something on Face Book that really strikes me enough to take the time to comment on as well as saving the image onto my hard drive in order to post it here on my personal blog.

A good friend of mine from our high school days posted this today and it really hit home. I just couldn’t resist posting it here today. It deserves it, she deserves it and last but not least I deserve it!

Twenty-nine Years and Counting

There is a lot to be said when a business has been around for almost 30 years. Thirty years, that is a really long time if you think about it.

For a business that started out in the 1980’s when the economy was doing very well and has made it clean right through to these past couple of years that has been so horrific for the majority of people all across the board is incredible.

Russell Allen & Associates, Inc is a great firm if you are looking for small business tax prep and other accounting services in the Charlotte, North Carolina area.

Having to deal with my taxes each year before the April 15th deadline is hard enough, I can’t image all that is required for a small business to keep Uncle Sam nicely fat and happy and away from your front door.

Play time

With a little extra money this week we bought us a wii, and we love it like no other gaming system we have ever had. Nintendo has a hit as far as I am concerned, we love the wii sports and wii games discs. My grandson has got a lot of fun out of the tanks on the wii play disc and I have become a pro at bowling and tennis on the wii sports disc.

We bought our wii system from Save Buckets, they have a great website with so much to choose from and great prices that I have not been able to beat anywhere on the internet. I will be checking on this great site for more games to go with our new wii system.

I can not wait to get more games for us to play on our wii system and I think that getting new games will be very exciting for our grandson and us. I am not so old that playing games is still a blast and a great way to pass the time of day. David has had a blast making the mii’s for the different players and he is pretty good at it even though he is only six years old.