Summer storms

When Mother Nature unleashes her summer storms I love the smell after the rain is gone and the earth settles down and absorbs the moisture.

The locusts and crickets get busy making music and the smell of the rain and wet dirt is one of the very best smells going, as far as I am concerned. I could sit in the swing in our front yard for hours and just get lost in the sounds and smells of nature after a summer rain, except for one thing: the rain brings out the mosquitoes in droves, so you can not sit outside for very long and enjoy the smells and sounds without getting eaten up by the bugs.

You have to take the bad with the good that is one sure thing.

Price of gas dropping

Finally the high price that we have been shelling out is starting to drop. The price has dropped .30 cents a gallon in the last month and the price of a barrel of oil keeps dropping too.

I hope that we can see some savings on our fuel bill soon. As a small business, we need all the help we can get, and a few cents saved at the gas pump is money in our pockets to spend on other things.

School will be starting soon and that means new clothes and shoes along with school supplies. The price of living in this wonderful world never ends, does it?


Today we finally got some much needed rain, of curse it started while I was out walking dogs. I can handle getting wet no problem there, but the lightning was a bit nerve racking. A good friend of mine her husband was struck and killed by lightning and since then I have been a little nervous around lightning. I guess we have to have a little lightning with our rain so I will just keep going inside when it starts and watch out the window.

New phone

My daughter dropped my phone and cracked the crystal on the front screen. I need a new phone, this one works for phone calls but you can not see who is calling. I am not sure if I want to extend my contract with AT&T or try a new provider. I do not need a fancy phone I do not take pictures or text with my phone I make phone calls. I do not watch movies on my phone, I make calls. So the most simple phone works for me no need to pay for extras I will not use.

Big concert

The biggest concert of the year was tonight at the football stadium here in Nashville, Kenny Chesney and Keith Urban held their concert tonight, the weather held off and it was a wonderful night to attend a concert.

I do not go to concerts very often but this was one I did not want to miss, I was amazed at the crowd and parking was a mess like always downtown, this would of been a great time for the idiots at Metro to run a train to the concert, instead the train sits not making any money.

High price of living

Now that prices have soared people are having to cut back on eating out and road trips, no longer is it so easy to run to town to buy a pint of ice cream, now the ice cream has to be bought on the normal trip to the store and it will be store brand instead of name brand ice cream. Maybe this little step will help trim the waist line of America. Lord know we need that done all around the country.

BBQ time

This year on the 4th of July we have decided to grill some ribs, this is not one of the items we cook on the grill very often. We bought a couple of racks of ribs for the grill, we are going to use two different marinades on the meat and we are having corn on the cob cooked on the grill and a salad. Not a huge meal but it will be great eating. We try to have the family over on most holidays and this is no exception. For the 6 year old grandson we will be cooking him some hot dogs he is not a huge fan of ribs. Happy July 4th to everyone, make it a safe holiday.