Happy birthday sis

Yesterday would of been my sisters 49th birthday, and she is in my thoughts today. Well she is always in the back of my mind but today she is in the front, and I miss her a lot. We could always talk and I miss that a lot. She was the rock who made my life much easier to take. Being the oldest is a tough job and my two little sisters made that a whole lot easier for me to deal with. Happy birthday Robin I know that you atre still watching over me.

Wet summer

As summer comes to a close we here in Nashville have had the wettest summer I remember in the eleven years I have been here. It is going to rain again today and I see no end to the daily rains. I for one am very tired of being wet everyday at work and I am ready for the rain to end, for a while anyway. I hate when it is dry but you get very tired of the rain too. Let us hope we have a nice mild winter and can get more rain in the spring when we need it the very most.

The plan

My best friend Beth has decided to have the Breast Augmentation surgery and I support her decision 100%. She did a lot of soul searching and got a lot of input from me, I do not know if that was much help or not. One web site that she has used to help herself with this important decision was the web site Looking Your Best. They have a great web site with so much useful information.

After a lot of talking and checking information Beth has decided to go forward and I think she made her decision from the web site at Looking Your Best and I know she will be alright from what I have learned from their very helpful web site too. I will be thinking about this life changing procedure myself and when I start to make that decision I too will be checking out the web site at Looking Your Best.

Where did it go

Where has the summer gone? Now that September is here we will be getting very busy, getting ready for the holidays again. I can not believe that summer is gone. Fall is a great time of year and it is very pretty here when the leaves start to turn and it gets cool at night. It is also the start of football season and that is always a good thing to me. The moles have started digging in the yard and the other critters are getting ready for winter. I need some fire wood stacked up for winter but I am not going to mess with it today it is to nice outside.