As I was watching my grandson David this weekend we decided to sit down and watch some TV, kind of take a break from the non stop world of a six year old. I was absolutely shocked at what they are calling kids cartoons now. I had no idea there was so much suggestive stuff plus all the very graphic violence. The cartoons that we watched when I was his age, even when my own kids were that age are nothing like the total crap they are watching now days. I am not a prude but I was very offended by it, and it needs to be stopped before more kids are ruined by TV.

The money train

As I try and keep my money alive, I have been checking out a balance transfer and it has made a lot of sense to me. If I can move my money and make it work harder I will do it. I will do what ever I need to, to make my money work harder for me. I have told all my family about this great program and how it seems very safe to me and I know they will check it out, the Irish in us makes us save every dime we can get a hold of, and in times like these every dime you can save is huge.

Keeping my money working is my main goal and I have not been doing a very good job of it until now. I have been thinking about doing a balance transfer credit cards on the three credit cards that I have.

Credit Card Flyers has about the very best program to use for a balance transfer and I was amazed at the steps they have taken to make sure your money stays safe with them. A 0% APR balance transfer makes a lot of sense to me and I am sure that if you checked it out it would make good sense to you also.

Summer reruns

The one part about the summer that I do not like is the summer reruns on the TV shows I watch. I may of missed a few during the season but most of them I watched the first time around. I watch a few more movies and get a little more work done in the summer time. I have planted a small garden that has about been rained out. Lets hope this summer gets over fast and we get to the start of the new TV season soon.

Daughters new hobby

My youngest has an exciting new hobby, she has been playing World of Warcraft. I knew nothing about this world as it is it’s own world for sure. Finding cheap wow accounts is a craft in it’s self. She has found a couple of cheap world of war craft accounts and was very lucky to find them so cheap. As long as she can keep finding cheap wow accounts I will help her with this new hobby as she has a lot of fun playing and it is a way for her to interact with her friends from home.

Rising prices

The price of gasoline has started back up, but lets hope that the price of gasoline does not get as high as it was last summer. I do not think I could stand to pay $4.00 a gallon for gasoline again this year. It was very tough to make it last year with the price of gasoline going up along with the price of many items in the grocery store. Last year was very tough but we made it through and we are looking for a better year this year and next. Maybe we can get back on track for retirement in a couple of years.

Weekend plans

I hope the weather is nice like the weather dude said this morning. We have made plans to take David to Madison to a carnival this weekend and it would be a shame to postpone this fun trip because of weather. Over the years I did not mind sitting in the rain for a good concert, now i will not even go to a venue that is inside if it is going to rain when I get to the car after the show. I can see all the concerts on TV that I want and they all put out a DVD after the show so no need to go and get wet.

Mother’s Day

Yesterday was a wonderful day for me, my kids made me breakfast in bed and they let me sleep until almost noon, it was grand. Then they cleaned the house these are the kids that will not pick up their own dirty socks and put them in the hamper. I wish every Sunday was Mother’s Day in this house. I then got to talk to my Mom for almost an hour last night, that topped off a wonderful day for me. i want to say thank you to the kids who tried very hard and their dad who helped I am sure behind the scenes. Now back to the grind of everyday life.