Christmas decorations

Well the time has come to put up the Christmas tree and decorations. I dug everything we need out of the attic yesterday and will go through all of it to separate and get ready to go up. Apparently last year when I took everything down, I didn’t do the separation as I should have. I really wish I had taken the time to do that. I will have to remember to do it this year.

I usually take everything down on January first, which is why it is a tangled mess. Like everyone else I am usually tired from being up late the night before. Maybe will will wait to take it all down the following weekend. Then I won’t have to deal with this mess next year. I think that sounds like a plan. Well wish me luck with this, because it is going to take the rest of today and all of tomorrow to do. We have a lot of decorations.

Already over

I cannot believe this year is almost over already. It seems like it passed by so very fast. 2013 will be here in another month. I hope that it is better then this past year has been. This year has been difficult for everyone, I know. I am looking forward to a new year. I have high hopes for work and life in general. I am planning a vacation, because I am way over due for one. I think that somewhere in the Bahamas or the Caribbean in general will be just what I need. So Happy Holidays to all and now it is time to think about my Christmas shopping list. Later Gators.

Repair manuals

Gosh, repair manuals are expensive. It cost like thirty dollars for a repair manual for a vehicle. Some are more than that, but basic cars and trucks are averaged about the same. I cannot believe how much they charge for them. I guess we don’t have a choice though if we are going to re build this car. It is a project for us to do together. Yes, as a woman, I like to work on cars and learn more about them. It makes it much easier to know what is going on with mine and not to get taken in if I have to take it to a garage.

Get coupons

If you are looking for a web hosting/domain name provider, you can get some really great deals like this fatcow coupon . I frequently help others to find great deals like this. You can get a free trial, or if you are already dedicated to your pursuit, there is coupons for sixty five percent off web hosting. That is a really good deal. Web hosting is really simple to find, but a good service that is worry free, is not. I have always been one to do in depth searches for good deals and have no trouble finding them. Fat Cow is a really good company with many satisfied customers.

The fatcow promo that is going on right now, is one of the best I have seen lately. If I didn’t already have my site, I would definitely use them. They have all the latest technology and you can get a credit to use for Face Book, Google, Yahoo, or Bing ads. I also found that they offer free Yellow listings with their packages. Now that is a real deal. For those who are starting a business page, there is also an offer of a 1-800 number for your business. I have never seen a company offer that before.

Fat Cow has a live chat option, in case you need some help with something. I know that comes in handy for those who are not very technologically handy. The do it yourself has a lot of people out there trying to keep up with growing technology and now they don’t have to flounder alone. Help is just a click away. So if you intend to start your own business page and need to know where to look, you now have all the information you need. The best of luck with your endeavours.

Cleaning time

Time for me to crank up the music and clean the house. I can get so much more done when the kids are not at home. I just play my favorite music and clean, clean, clean. I will be tired by the end of the day, because the house got trashed over the weekend, and yesterday I was out all day running errands so couldn’t do it. Okay, then. Off I go.

Time for breakfast

I think I will go make a small breakfast for me and my little guy. Some cream of wheat and scrambled eggs sounds divine right now. Maybe I will add a little toast on the side with jelly. I know he will like that.

He hasn’t been eating much lately, so I have to find something to tempt his appetite. This looks good, with a little fruit on the top.


Found a new way to shop online. DealDash is where it is. I have bid on a few things that I really like and actually got a couple of them, really cheap. Deal Dash has all kinds of stuff. No matter what you are into, you will be able to find something you like. DealDash is where I am going to find a lot of my Christmas presents this year.

Tutoring Online Can help Kids

I have found an awesome site for tutoring online that can help kids struggling with their schoolwork. A tutor is sometimes necessary for kids in school. There are many different ways to take advantage of the website and the resources they have. You can join and post questions on the Q & A board or you can get one on one tutoring if you so need. You can also help others by answering questions in the Q & A board, if you know the answers. It is all very interactive with real, live people.

I think this is a great tool for kids to use, no matter what grade they are in. I am definitely going to be making use of this with my kids, when they run into problems that I cannot handle myself. Most of the time, I help them, but sometimes it is hard to help all three kids at the same time. I know with this, I can at least set my oldest child up with someone knowledgeable to help him.