Online Music Buying Guides

If I have any options to review a product and/or service, you can bet that I will be utilizing every type(s) that I can get my hands on. It’s a whole new world out there. It’s amazing to think that we managed to live our lives without computers. At some point in the late 80’s we have become more and more reliant on what used to be referred to as the World Wide Web. I mean when is the last time you have even heard the words World Wide Web?

With all that the Internet has to offer almost all of us in the 21st century, it still surprises me that there are still some of our senior citizens who are bucking, kicking and screaming all the way to any computer who just can’t wrap their heads around even some of the most basic functions, even explaining all that they are missing by not using e-mail can’t entice some people to get on board.

My grandmother was a bit slow at getting used to the whole computer concept, but it didn’t take long once she starting realizing how useful it can be. One of the advantage that came into play during the holiday gift buying season. She actually took her time and checked out different acoustic guitars that she found at one of the major music websites that have just about anything that is musically related. It seems that a friend and neighbor told her about Musician’s Friend, which Grandma felt safe enough to go online, find a particular buying guide and actually ordered a wonderful guitar at a great price. Free shipping is always a plus when ordering anything online.

Flag Day In Mexico

I have never really checked into a lot of “holidays” that are written on the many calendars that I rely on to keep me on track and on time. When I saw that today was “Flag Day” down in Mexico I felt the urge to see what the Mexican flag actually looks like and to find out a bit more about about it (which was zilch).



Here is a good site for moms only. It is a dedicated social network for moms to get together and discuss any and all topics. There are many different kinds of groups that you can join, from political to health or just plain fun, Cafemom has everything. I totally recommend that all moms try this site. I know that you will love it.

Social Studies

I don’t talk about politics on my blog, however this is not really politics, but my sons Social Studies class and what they are learning. Right now my son is learning about the United States government, the Constitution and how we govern ourselves.

I really enjoy this particular class the kids take. It gives me a common ground to actually help teach my children about their responsibility within our society. I get to explain to them the importance of voting, as well as the ethics and morality of certain laws. Teaching them why somethings are very important to hold onto and why others should be changed.

I have a little ritual that I do every Fourth of July. As it is our Independence day, I read the constitution and keep myself familiar with it. It is an important thing to do for any American, but for me it is a reaffirmation of my freedom. As the kids get older I teach them why this is important to them and one day to the children they may have. I hope that they follow in my footsteps and make this a ritual of their own and pass it along to their own children one day.

The Judge Is In The House

Today I was switching through television channels looking to just kill some time and landed on Judge Judy. I normally am not a fan of the Judge Judy show but today I was feeling like watching some drama.  Usually watching a drama type show can make me feel like my life is going pretty good.

One of the cases that was presented today in front of Judge Judy was the case of two best friend’s who drank too much and one of the friends threw a glass at the other busting a couple of his teeth including his two front teeth.  Judge Judy handled the case very well.  She said a few funny things to the two young gentlemen.  The plaintiff was asking for $5,000 for the repairs he is going to need on his teeth.

The defendant claims that they were all drunk and his friend was dancing on a picnic table when he threw the glass.  The defendant claims he was not aiming for his friend and thought that his friend was actually going to catch the glass but he didn’t.  The defendant had to pay a $500 fine and thought that that fine was enough.

Of course Judge Judy disagreed and state to the defendant that balls are meant for throwing, not glasses.  This was not before telling the plaintiff he has a drinking problem and his physical appearance shows it.  She stated that he ought to just image what he will look like at age 50 if at age 25 he looks like he has a drinking problem.  That was a valid point Judge Judge.

Cinco De Mayo

On May the 5th every year everyone who needs an excuse to drink and have fun uses this Mexican holiday as an excuse. Add this to St Patrick’s Day and New Years Eve as days that I will not go out at all if I can help it. All of the armature drinkers are out and so are all of the cops looking to add to the DUI total for the day.

There is no need for all of this nonsense, I can celebrate on July 12th just as well and will not be in jail for DUI. I hope every one is safe today and when I get home from work I will be safe indoors.

Bar Rescue on Spike TV

One of my favorite TV shows that are on these days is called Bar Rescue. It stars Jon Taffer, who has been in the bar rescuing business for many years and can brag that he has saved over 800 bars during this time.

Mr Taffer gets a bit upset with many of the bar owners, blasts them from one end of the room to the other, which breaks them down to get them to realize the errors of their ways. Then he spends the remainder of his time training, grooming and rebuilding their bar along with their confidence.

A good amount of these bars have dance floors but they don’t seem to attract many dancers. Poor sound systems that need an update along with a new sound reflector or two and some new decor can make or break a good dance club. I would love to visit at least one of his bars that he has redone, especially one of the ones that have dancing!

I hope that Bar Rescue manages to stay around for a good long while. It always seems that the good ones don’t stick around very long.

Dating Happens For Free

Can’t believe Wendy met so many great guys on our ski trip and I came up empty. Although that lawyer from LA was really nice, he was very very married and I’m not going there!

While I’ve got clothes in the dryer, I thought I would surf the net for the online dating sites. Then I ran across a site that reviews all the popular ones and gives you the basic info so you can zero in on the right site to meet your own needs or interest. Each one has a different approach to the methods and the processes to find the right special someone.

I thought about reading through some profiles or ads on a personal ad services site tonight – just to see if anyone looked worth contacting and maybe getting to know a little better. Not all of these dating sites let you do that.

I ended up choosing. I like that it is free, with no charges to send and/or to receive any messages sent. Being able to post Up to 30 photos on your profile page is a great plus as well. We’ll see how that works out! And I’ll keep you posted from time to time.

Birds Talking Smack

I do not know why I think this is so funny, but it makes me laugh. I guess because there are always people who want to call other people names.

Sometimes I get into a spirited discussion – well, sometimes it is a full blown argument, I admit – and when someone starts calling names, that person who is calling names is the loser of that discussion.

Love and Marriage

Last night the news had an interesting segment about love and marriage in terms of the percentage of baby boomers who are now happily divorced.  The statistics did surprise me slightly.

The news report stated that 39% of people believe in not getting married.  The average age of men getting married currently is 28, while females average is 26.  Nearly 51% of marriages will end in divorce.  That is why most couples currently are waiting at least four years before walking down the aisle.

I was surprised most by the percentage of people not believing in marriage.  This must have multiple reasons behind it.  Like I mentioned earlier baby boomers, the oldest this year turning 65, most have already been married have decided that now all they want in a relationship is more of a friendship with no strings attached.  they are discovering that they are much happier not getting remarried.  In a way this is a shame.  Marriage traditionally was meant to be a good thing but unfortunately, with the state of the economy among other factors, marriage has transformed into another hassle/ complication that people are realizing they do not need in their lives.