Extreme Weather

Extreme weather has been affecting a large part of our country this past week. I am very concerned for family and friends who live in the South and the Midwest.

There are wildfires in most counties across Texas. The fires are also in parts of Oklahoma and New Mexico. Not only have they gone without rain for a very long time, they are having high winds that fan the flames anke the fires very difficult to control.

Other areas are getting too much and areas along the Mississippi and Ohio rivers are flooding. The threats of levees breaking and even more homes and business being lost to flood waters is an everpresent threat.

Throughout the South and up the East Coast have been violent storms with tornadoes. Over 200 people have lost their lives yesterday in tornado related accidents.

My heart goes out to all the people fighting for their lives against Mother Nature’s recent furies.

Nostalgic Favorite

The Kodak Company has been around for many many years.  Their products have proven to be very good quality and reliable.  I have purchased a few Kodak products in my day.  They have never steered me wrong.

This is one reason when I was in the market to purchase my Mother a new printer I decided I was going to purchase a Kodak printer.  I went onto the Internet and searched for Kodak printers.  Naturally I found the Kodak website.  I was very impressed and saw the large variety of  Kodak ink.  The prices were also quite reasonable for the Kodak printer ink.  Surprisingly, their prices were less then what I have seen in the department stores.

Usually I have a difficult time with picking out ink cartridges but not this time.  The Kodak website proved to have just what I needed for Kodak ink cartridges.  I was relieved since I would hate to give someone, especially my mother a new printer without any ink!  She is just going to love this printer!


The Most Beautiful Woman of the Year

Jennifer Lopez was named “most beautiful woman of the year” today by People Magazine.  The award recipient for this award always surprises me.  I don’t know why except that I always expect to see a different winner then who is chosen.

Jennifer Lopez or J-Lo has been actively involved in many projects lately.  I wonder if they chose her due to her “big come back?”  I have noticed lately she has produced a new song, has multiple shampoo commercials as well as being a judge on American Idol.  She has certainly been a busy woman. And let’s not forget she is married with twin children.

One moment that was comical happened tonight on American Idol.  The producers of American Idol decided to exemplify Jennifer Lopez’s award by placing a spot light on her and playing a song that repeatedly sang about a beautiful women.  In a way it was overdone but Jennifer Lopez
didn’t seem to mind the extra attention. I wonder if she will score some additional business opportunities from this publicity?

Early Weather Noise

While I was catching up on paying some bill today I heard the strangest noise.  It sounded just like a loud truck had backed up to my house and was left idling.  I stopped what I was doing and listened.  It was so weird because nothing was outside of my house.  I went to the window to check and nothing was there.

I proceeded with the check I was writing when I heard it again.  Now I had just about had enough because it had happened more than once.  So I decided to open the window this time in the office and listen.  I finally remembered the weatherman this morning mentioning the possibility of a thunder storm.  I was so surprised!  It was only the month of April and there is still snow on the ground!  The conditions were just right for some continuous claps of thunder.  It was daytime so I was not able to see any lightning and that was what through me for a loop.  I guess this means summer is sure to follow in a few months!


Trading one for another

Stocks and bonds have never been my area of expertise.  I had a relative who was a stock broker for over 20 years and retired from that line of work.  They were really good at what they did and because of their strong abilities they now are all set for retirement.  During those times there was no such thing as online trading.  Calculators were the size of computers now used.  There were no such thing as an online broker.  There brokers were always met in person or on the telephone.

Many things have changed in this field.  One area that has not changed is stock trading.  Stock trading may have changed in method of trading but not in what they actually are.  Cell phones are now in high use so naturally the stock market has turned to mobile trading as a form of trading.  I have always heard people discuss their IRA accounts but I have never learned much about them.  Maybe I will look into them and see if it might be a good idea for me to set one up.

Flip- flops are near

Well, it is almost sandal season!  I am so excited!  Every year when mud season begins and we receive a few days of warmer weather I start thinking about my flip- flops and other sandals.  I do not have a shoe fetish but when it comes to sandals I get a little weak in the knees.

I especially like flip- flops.  They are almost always cheap so nearly anyone can afford more than one pair.  Since they are so inexpensive they are also dispensable.  This means that if you break running after your dog on a summer day it is no big deal.  For this same reason, I almost always make sure I have a spare pair in my vehicle or beach bag.  It is good to have a back up pair.  This also comes in handy after a hard day’s work in heels and your feet are tired.  You can slip into your flip- flops right after leaving the office.  Here’s to a summer full of flip- flops and bare feet!

Deep in the heart of Texas

Some friends of mine are thinking of moving to the big state of Texas.  Both of them are from the North but since the economy has declined, their jobs are in jeopardy of downsizing.  They have recently been looking for different jobs all over the country.  One of the most important areas to check out besides securing employment is securing a place to live.  They have been concentrating on Dallas real estate.  The husband is much more concerned about the available of Dallas homes for sale than his wife.

In my spare time I have helped them search as well for not only jobs but for Dallas homes for sale.  They are some- what picky about what kind of home them want.  the biggest attraction for them is having a large backyard and central air conditioning.  I do not think that any home in the state of Texas comes without central air conditioning.  That state can be so hot that it is nearly unbearable to anyone not used to it.  My friends will definitely will have some adjusting to do because they are used to 20 below winters and 70 degree summers.