Summer is in full swing

Summer is in full swing and we are having a blast. Between our times at the pool or the river and the ever present BBQ’s, we have been constantly on the go for the last week. I made the decision to see that we spent as much time out of the house this summer as possible and I am keeping that promise. Last summer was rather boring for all of us and we really don’t want a repeat of the same. I know that the kids are having lots of fun and even when we are home, they are outside having fun. The neighbors have a pool and the neighborhood kids are pretty much camped out there.

The mother of those children says she doesn’t mind and the rest of us go spend an hour or two helping referee the kids as well as helping with snacks and such so she doesn’t have to bear the brunt of the cost. I know how it is to have the neighbor kids at my house to hang out. They will eat you out of house and home in just a couple of

Another instrument

Well my daughter just told me that she wants to learn the flute next year in school. She has apparently decided to join the band. One of her friends is in the band and told her that the teacher didn’t get enough students to sign up, so there are still slots open for other students. One of the instruments that they need is a flute player, so she has decided to give it a try. I really hope I don’t spend a lot of money for something she will drop later. Wish me luck !

Getting irritated

I am having a problem with one of the editors from work. He is nit picking all of my damned articles and it is starting to piss me off! I don’t know why this man has developed a dislike for me, as we have never met or even talked. I do all of the work online from home and he just won’t stop his poop.

Not only does he send them back, half of the time he is not even clear on what it is that he doesn’t like or what he wants done with it. REALLY? ! ?! Pull you head out of your rear dude and get over your power trip! UGH!

Spring cleaning again

Okay, I do spring cleaning about four times a year or more. I cannot stand clutter in my house. I rip through it from one end to the other and the kids and hubby hide so I don’t draft them into helping. I just did this in April, so I am not sure why it is already necessary again. Perhaps it is because the kids just got out of school and the massive amounts of stuff they brought home.Some of it from lockers others from desks, but the real stuff I hate, is the stuff the teachers give them. Most of it is decorations from around the classrooms. For some reason the teachers like to hand that stuff out to the kids, so I have to throw it away later. It is highly annoying.

Then I noticed that for some reason we have collected a ton of CD’s and DVD’s. I am going to sell some of my old CD’s, because I don’t even listen to them anymore. Who needs them anyway when there is IPod’s and Itunes. Better I can get rid of them while decluttering my house. I am going to go through all of the cabinets in the family room as well and clear out any junk that has accumulated. The kids are always stuffing all kinds of paper and whatnot in there and I know that they are full. I went looking for something and saw that mess yesterday. It was awful. I think I can sell DVD’s online, so I will go through those and get rid of all the ones the kids don’t watch any longer. They have outgrown some of the cartoons and toddlers ones, so there is no point in keeping them. This way another child can enjoy them, and I make a little bit of my money back for new ones. Makes sense to me. Anyway, I am going to get busy and you guys have a great day!



I have a love hate relationship with Walmart. I love to hate it, but I always end up having to go there. The only reason I hate it, is because I can go there for one thing…ONE THING and still walk out having spent a hundred dollars. I end up seeing stuff on sale that the kids need or for the house and that is it. Next thing you know the cart has a bunch of stuff in it and it’s not even FULL, but still costs a hundred bucks. Grrrrr….

Cigars for dad

I found some new cigars for dad. Although he generally has his favorites, every now and then, I pick out a new one for him to try. Since I order them online, I make sure they are of good quality. He has never complained about them yet, so I got these new 858 sungrown ones for him. I really hope that he likes them.

Country Music Festival

There is a country music festival every year in Nashville. It happened last week and lasted four days. Since my mom had the kids for a couple of weeks to give us a break and some alone time, the hubby and I decided to go spend the day at the festival. It was amazing ! We really didn’t spend a lot of money as we decided to take advantage of the free concerts that were readily available at several different stages. We saw at least three big name performers as well as a few lesser known ones that we will be keeping an eye out for in the future as there were really good.

Jerrod Neimann was the one we really wanted to see and were so happy to be able to. Dirks Bentley showed up for a surprise performance with another group and that was awesome. Then after they were gone, we went to wander around and ran across the cast from Duck Dynasty as they were going into a restaurant. That was totally cool, but I wasn’t able to get the camera out quickly enough to take pictures of them. Boo !

We found another stage in front of the Bridgestone arena and got there just in time to see Big Smo go on and perform. Hubb’s loved that as he is a really big fan of his. He had to call one of his brothers and tell him who he was watching on stage. It was too funny. All in all we had a great time and were so happy to have the day together to enjoy just the two of us. I did feel kind of bad though, because I know that the kids would have loved it too. Ah well, I think I will take them next year. We shall see!

Stair lifts

Have you ever seen a stair lift in action? I got to see one yesterday when I stopped by my neighbors house to see if she needed anything from the store. I didn’t know that she had gotten one put in, but it was really cool. I am happy that she is safer now that she has one, because she has had such a hard time walking lately. They are really a great thing for an elderly person to have.

Wow…up way too early this morning

I couldn’t go back to sleep after I woke up from a bad dream. I guess I will try to get some work done on here, but hopefully it will put me back to sleep in a little while. The kids get up awfully early, even though they have no school. Perhaps I should start letting them stay up a little bit later so we can sleep in. That would be nice for a change.

Print shop

My brother wants to open a print shop here in town. I think he will do great with it, but he will need a trade printing company to help him start up. He want’s to be able to do all kinds of printing, from businesses to local school sports teams. He can also set up at the local fairs and such to do custom t-shirts and hats.