Black Friday Drama

This year I was glad to see that some people became vocal about their objections to employers requiring them to work odd hours because of Black Friday. If you have ever worked retail, you know that most stores open earlier on the day after Thanksgiving, hoping to make extra money on the first day of serious Christmas shopping.

The problem with them being open on the extra hours is that the employees have to sacrifice sleep and their home life to come into work at insane hours. Can you imagine being a single mom who just knocked herself out cleaning house and cooking all day on Thanksgiving, then having to get up at midnight to go into work early? How does that woman even find daycare at that time of night?

Some employees went to the press this year and protested that having to report to work at midnight was a hardship on them. I feel badly for the people who were scheduled to work the opening shift at any store on Black Friday.

My son’s Christmas list

Sometimes it seems that boys never really grow up, their toys just become more expensive. My twenty three year old son has given me his Christmas list and it has a lot of electronic equipment on it. Along with a new camera he wants to be sure he has plenty of Sony Camera Batteries. I do not know what the difference is in sony cybershot batteries so I think I will do a little research on the subject. It also appears that a sony cybershot battery charger is available.

I love the idea of rechargeable batteries, and I am so glad they are available now. Batteries can be so expensive and sometimes inconvenient to replace. We have had batteries die at the worst time, right in the middle of a family holiday when we wanted to take a lot of photos. Unfortunately we have missed several wonderful memories.

I miss the days when purchasing his Christmas gifts was easier and I could stroll the toy aisles in the stores and pick fun things for him.

Of course he also has video games and game equipment on his list. Like I said, it seems boys never really grow up.

Thanksgiving Preparations

It’s that time of year to plan for and shop for a meal that takes all day to cook and just a few short minutes to inhale. It is however, one of the few times that my family sits down and enjoys a meal together so I enjoy it even though it doesn’t last long enough. I am going semi traditional with a turkey breast instead of a whole bird, whipped potatoes and gravy, sweet potatoes, a vegetable, rolls and of course pumpkin pie. While our meal is cooking we will watch the New York parade on TV, a long time beloved family tradition.

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

Sunday Evenings

Aaahh It’s that time on Sunday evening when I realize how much I had intended to do but didn’t get done this weekend, and now I’m thinking about Monday and what’s waiting for me at work! It is difficult being a strong woman and trying to keep all the balls up in the air. There are home issues, house work that seems never ending, groceries to buy and meals to cook, and then there is the job that is so demanding. Being part of the sandwich generation I take care of my mother, and then I also have my children in the mix. Oh well, my life!!