No April Fool’s Joke

Tonight the weatherman all informed us of some bad news.  He said the dreaded word “snow.”  This time of year the snow is suppose to be gone, gone until next winter!  We may receive up to 14 inches of heavy wet snow.  That is disgusting.

Fortunate for me I have not put away my snow shovel yet.  I guess I might have had some intuition about more snow before it was all said and done.  The worst part about heavy wet snow is that it is going to be sticky and with the combined forecast of gusty winds that could mean power outages.  I absolutely dread power outages I think more than snow in April.  They both will end eventually but in the mean time cause discomfort.  I think I will head to the grocery store to grab a few prepared food in case I can’t cook.  The weatherman said that the Nor’easter may be a good April Fool’s Joke, but personally I do not find this funny!

Packing up all my stuff for my new house

Guest post written by Amelia Hall

It’s a little bittersweet, leaving my first house that I could legally call my own. But, my job is moving and I love my job so I’m moving with it. I was careful about the new house that I picked out but I also didn’t want to have to renovate all the rooms in it like I did with my first house. I don’t have all that time to DIY a whole home into my ideal home this time around.

I’m taking lots of other steps to make sure that my move goes as easily as possible. But I also want living in my new home once I’m settled in as easy as possible. I’ve done a lot of comparison pricing for energy costs because I’m moving into an area that has unregulated energy. In my research I came across the website and after I looked through it a little bit, I finally decided on an energy provider.

Now I just have to worry about all the packing that I have to do. At least I hired a moving company to do all the physical work for me.

Satellite vs. Cable

Recently, I decided to switch back over to cable.  I had been using satellite for a couple of years because they were providing me a good deal.  However, they were not able to give me a good Internet deal so I was forced to still use the cable company to have my Internet.

This was very inconvenient and I was having to pay two bills when I could condense them into one.  Finally, my contract was up with the satellite company and I cancelled.  I talked with the cable company and they were able to bundle my Internet and cable so that it was still cheaper than paying for both with two different companies.  I had to laugh at the fact they also tried to sell me a phone bundle but I told them I use my cell phone so I didn’t need a land line.  I guess if I had a fax line it would be handy but I don’t right now so I said no thanks to them.  I hope to get a fax machine in the future because besides emails, faxing is the next best way to communicate quickly.

Super moon

Tomorrow night there is going to be a super lunar occurance.  The world news reports that the moon will be closest to the Earth then it ever has been.  Astrologer Richard Nolle coined the term “supermoon” because the Earth’s satellite will be its closest in 18 years at a distance of 355,377 kilometers.  This term also describes the new moon or full moon at 90% or more of its closest orbit to Earth.

Other scientists state that everyone should be vigilant during tomorrow night at well as through March 22.  At this time the location of the moon’s orbit can cause a surge in tides, earthquake activity and volcanic activity.  According to the USGS website the earthquake in Haiti occurred during this time as well as the most recent Japan earthquake.  Scientists say that many of our natural disasters occur when the moon is closest to the Earth.  Personally, I plan to go out tomorrow and check out the huge moon and wait just like I did years ago when they were warning us about Y2K.  And what happened in the year 2000- absolutely nothing.  Time will have to tell us.