Day of rest

With Christmas 2008 in the books I have plans to take today and do nothing that is not fun for me. I am not going to cook, I am not going to do laundry, and most of all I am not going out of the house at all. It is cold and windy outside and I am going to make me some hot tea and watch TV, that is the extent of my plans for this great day. Soon enough it will be back to the daily grind and having one day of doing nothing is not a bad thing at all. At least it is not to me and that is all that matters.

Christmas tree

This year I have put off getting a Christmas tree, I just plain have not been in the mood needed to get out the tree and all the decorations and setting the thing up. I guess as I get older i get more and more cranky and just plain mean. I mean if you do not like the fact that I do not have a Christmas tree set up go home and look at your own dam Christmas tree. My world is still in orbit and it will be the same the day after Christmas no matter if I put up a Christmas tree or not. I may set mine up on July 4th, kind of start a new tradition.


After having season tickets to the Nashville Predators for the last three years I am at a loss what to do a couple of times a week. It was strictly a financial thing that kept us from buying season tickets again, we have been to one game and it is not the same you get to be friends with the people around you and I miss some of them a lot. I hope things are much better next year and we are able to get our season tickets again, I really miss the games a lot.

A Peek at New Ideas

There are a couple dozen web sites and blogs that I hop around and read. This is more enjoyable to me than reading a newspaper, which is usually about doom and gloom. The blogs that I read are uplifting and inspiring although often in a technical way. But I enjoy reading the thought processes and new ideas that the writers present or discuss.

For example, the blog about Flash Streamworks might sound too technical to enjoy reading on a casual basis. But take a look at their entry about a puppy cam. Now that’s inspiring to me. Imagine including this type of video link in a Craigslist ad for the puppies you want to sell. Or if you are a puppy breeder or even a shelter, including a live puppy can on your website would surely attract new homes for the puppies.

These are the kinds of ideas that get me excited about computers and technology!

Comfort Food

The weather has turned chilly and wet. The kind of days where you dread going outside for any reason, yet you must go to work, you must run the errands, you must take the dogs out. So you bundle up and huddle under awnings and canopies, and you walk/run to get in the car.

Tonight I need comfort food. I think I’ll order some good home cooking from Cracker Barrel and pick it up on the way home. Something with gravy or cheese and lots of southern seasonings.