As a kid, one of the best things about Sunday was getting the Sunday newspaper and pulling out the comics section. On Sundays the comics were printed in color! And most of them were 3 or 4 times as long as the ones in the daily newspaper.

My favorite comics included Peanuts and Garfield. How interesting that my favorites are about a dog and a cat? I just realized that!

The New Marriage

Today I heard some interesting statistics on the world news.  The news anchor was discussing the recent views of love and marriage for the ages of 18-29.  These views have changed drastically over the last decade.  Apparently, the mindset of this group of people in today’s society is that of raising children over getting married.

The news anchor reports that in 2010, 52% of people ages 18-29 think that being a successful parent over getting married while only 30% of this group believes that having a successful marriage is more important. This does not surprise me.  People in this age group are more concerned with getting their careers started before getting married.  Unfortunately, for some they become involved in a relationship that creates a child before they get married.  I think that this has a lot to do with these statistics.  I think that in the future we we consider to see these trends as the economy declines.  People will look to alternative methods of entertainment, not always for the better.

Store Brand TV Dinners

Tonight I tried one of the store brand television dinners.  It was absolutely terrible!  Originally, the only reason it was purchased  was because I grabbed it out of the frozen section by accident.  The box I meant to grab and the  box I did grabbed looked a lot alike.  Usually, I would have caught my error as I was checking out but this time they slipped right by me.

I was thoroughly disappointed and will never make that mistake again!  The worst part of the dinners was the meat in the meal.  It was definitely not genuine meat and was very fatty and chewy.  In other words gross!  The name brand dinners may not be real meat but at least they taste like it and have the consistency of genuine meat.  Next time I will look more carefully at what I grab because it was a terrible experience!

Am I Old

The biggest question that I have been asked this week is do you feel old now that you have turned 50? The most correct response is YES. I do not really feel any different than I did on Saturday, but when you hit a  milestone in your life you are bound to be a little different, and I guess that makes me feel a little old.

I do not see a huge change in my life at this stage but I am open to all possibilities at this point. Now I have set my sights on the second half of my life and look out world, here comes Abby!

March Madness

It is time for the month of craziness to begin, March Madness is the time of year that I truly love. College basketball is a passion to me and many others as well. I love the brackets that we fill out every year, and this year we have added a new game to our yearly brackets.

A free bingo card is something that we have been talking about for a long time now. Take a look at our bingo card and I think that you can see how it works, I can not wait for the March Madness basketball tournament to get here for our fun to begin.

I think we will have a lot of fun with this new way to play at our March Madness party. I know that girls do not know as much as they guys, but I have won the bracket for the last three years and I plan on winning the bingo game this year as well. Come on guys ante up and lets get the game under way.

Of course I know more because I had three older brothers who taught me the best way to win at everything I do. I want to thank my brothers for teaching me to play to win.