Give me S’more!

When summer rolls around it is time for the best dessert ever!  This dessert though simple and kind of primitive because usually one cooks it outside, is delicious.  S’mores of course, is what I am talking about. S’mores is the perfect treat after a grilled dinner on charcoal.  If anyone is like me and my family, the grilling season is our favorite and we always use charcoal.  Charcoal provides a nice smoky flavor to the food.  I prefer it on meat rather than vegetables but it all tastes good either way.

Another way that s’mores make the perfect dessert is when I am camping with friends.  There is nothing like sitting around a roaring campfire holding marshmallow sticks in one hand and a cold drink in the other while stargazing.  I am pretty sure this is my favorite atmosphere for enjoying a nice gooey s’more!  For anyone feeling adventurous I highly recommend using chocolate grahams and peanut butter cups in place of the honey grahams and milk chocolate!

Sparkle, shine and BANG!

Independence Day is my favorite summer holiday.  I generally am not a great fan of the summer because it has a tendency to be too hot.  Funny part is I do not like the winter either because of the snow.  I guess there is no making me happy with the weather.  However, the Fourth of July no matter the weather would still be my favorite day of the month!

People enjoy barbeques, festive desserts, outdoor activities, swimming, parades and fireworks.  Fireworks are the highlight in my book.  I love the multiple colors, whistles and final bang from the fireworks.  There are certain areas that present the best fireworks.  Usually in my state many of the fireworks are shot- off from riverbanks or old mill lots.  Therefore many people tend to gather near there.

Tonight was no exception.  The parking was atrocious.  I have never seen so many people flock to the riverside.  People parked their cars even in the streets, blocking traffic.  I had to drive around for half of the show before finding parking.  Despite all of this I did find a really sweet spot half- way through the show and parked.  The presentation was worth the driving.